Kylie Minogue

I like Voodoo but it does feel like it’s jumping on a bandwagon of other artists sounds, I could hear Rita Ora doing it. It’s definitely different for Kylie!
Currently playing Kiss Me Once and I will always stand by it's one of her strongest and consistent albums all the way through, it just flows together so well.

It was like X but better.... still a bit all over the place but nowhere near as messy.

A wasted opportunity to not use Ariel more - the lead single is a weak, watered-down version of ‘classic Kylie’. For what it’s worth, I would have chosen If Only as the lead, possibly followed by Sleeping With The Enemy.
After doing a more "pop" remix of A Lifetime To Repair I decided to try another Golden track - this time Live A Little removing some of the more country elements and replacing with a 90s pop/dance feel. I hope you like what I have created here...

Kiss Me Once is fine. But that's it. There are flashes of greatness here and there but it really felt like Kylie going through the motions.

I'm glad DISCO seems to have put her back in her element again, even though I'm still in awe of the audacity it took to release a sparkly dance album with that title since the cigs were going to be into anyway. And that weird 'Willam in his best Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction drag' cover dddd.