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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Her greatest single in my opinion. Give me that cheap poppers o’clock flop, Min!
  2. The taste we have right here!
  3. What Kind Of Fool is one of those tracks that always give me that lift I need. I do get why Kylie had renounced it in the past but it's just such a kick in the crotch kinda pop that I love!
  4. The single artwork for it too:
  5. Let’s not forget the video. She’s absolutely luminous in it.
  6. What Kind of Fool is her best SAW single and up there with her entire singles discography. It's basic as basic can be but so much fun and joy.
  7. The font and the colour ruins that image, but I do like the picture. "Shit! I forgot to lock the back door!", her expression says.
  8. I genuinely forget "What Kind of Fool?" even exists nn.
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  9. It looks incredible on the 12” vinyl.
  10. Anyone know why the dance remixes of Breathe (particularly the beats) sound so shrill? It's not what you'd expect from the likes of Todd Terry at that time.

    The BIR remixes, for example, sound much more luxe.
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  11. I remember the glorious days when What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) was the G-A-Y Kylie track, before Better The Devil You Know became infamous for that.
  12. What a time to be alive! I wish I could have experienced that.

    I have heard What Kind Of Fool in regional gay bars (mostly because I request it) and it pops OFF.
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  13. I remember one night they mashed up What Kind of Fool with Horny by Mousse T and I can still hear how it went now.
  14. Almost now means it's 30 years since the release of the original Greatest Hits too!
  15. One of my all time favourite Kylie album covers


    I'd love that reissued on vinyl.
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  16. She really was super beautiful back in 1992.
  17. What Kind Of Fool is top 5 Kylie. It's glorious.
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  18. What Kind Of Fool is my favourite Kylie single, it is pure pop joy. I get the same rush from it every time. The "wh-wh-wh"s are my favourite Kylie moment!

    The 12" mix is glorious

  19. Nice to see more people liking What Kind Of Fool than I thought too!
  20. Makes a nice change from the usual Body Language love-in on every other page - PWL Kylie is the best!
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