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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. What Kind Of Fool is awful.
    Sorry, somebody had to.
  2. she really was!
    For me its the finest moment of her early years! What a sugar rush!
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  3. She's like a cute little pixie in the video. Beyond gorgeous.
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  4. What Kind Of Fool exists to show just how urgent it was for Kylie to leave PWL.
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  5. The heresy!
  6. Both have been reported.
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  7. WKOF is PWL Kylie by numbers and it led us to one of the best pop re-inventions with CIM. So I'm grateful for it.

  8. I just love how Kylie went from What Kind Of Fool and then her next original single release 2 years later was Confide In Me-which I also love. Shows how varied her music truly is.
  9. I don't think that "What Kind Of Fool" was a necessary stop that needed to occur for Kylie to release "Confide In Me." Kylie already made the Brothers In Rhythm connection with "Finer Feelings."

    I do find Kylie's dislike of the track to be iconic though. I love that it outperformed "Celebration," yet "Celebration" has received more live performances and was featured on Ultimate Kylie while "What Kind Of Fool" was excluded.
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  10. Celebration has received far too much love from her over the years. It’s a completely forgettable cover that had no place ever being performed or referenced outside of its release period (and even then, it was a dire choice to record and release).
  11. With the amount of love that Kylie gives "Celebration," I used to assume that it was a fairly big hit for Kylie, but then I discovered that it missed the ARIA Top 20 (peaking at No. 21), was her lowest charting single in the UK as the lead artist at the time of its release and its highest peak was No. 11 in Ireland. I guess that Kylie just loves the track.
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  12. I suppose the thing with Celebration is that most people know it. Even if not the Kylie version.
    Therefore an easier sell to casuals.
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  13. Celebration is one of those songs that gets casuals moving at concerts. It’s like Kids.
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  14. What is your favourite Kylie single cover then, if you could only pick one? I'd have to go with:

  15. Not sure I can decide on an absolute favourite. But a few would have to be:

    I really like so many more though. Slow, Red Blooded Woman. CGYOOMH. Better The Devil You Know.
  16. The cover is Word Is Out is such a babe.
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  17. She truly has so many fantastic single artworks. Slow and then Dancing would be up there for me, but after that, also love these:
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  18. Favourite Kylie single artworks you say?:


    [​IMG] \
  19. Put these in the MOMA!


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