Kylie Minogue

Celebration has received far too much love from her over the years. It’s a completely forgettable cover that had no place ever being performed or referenced outside of its release period (and even then, it was a dire choice to record and release).

It goes off like a bag of cats, which is why it’s been performed so much.
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This is a classic. Bring back Nick Knight!
Kylie, for me, is the greatest popstar that has ever lived.

The depth and breadth of that discography is completely unmatched and unrivalled. If Gods carved out the perfect pop music, it would sound a lot like Kylie’s music.

And her prestige as a performer is also out of this world. Random, but I was thinking about the KylieX2008 and Aphrodite Les Follies and how they were the polar opposites to one another stylistically, even though they were consecutive (world) tours. And yet they were equally spectacular and extravagant and other-worldly. But they still had heart and warmth and spirit and intimacy and soul, which is thanks to the woman herself.