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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I adore the PWL Kylie years. I was listening to Kylie's Kylie album driving to work this morning and each and every track still sounds amazing. I would love a Kylie PWL singles boxset like the Bananarama Bunch of Hits box.
  2. It goes off like a bag of cats, which is why it’s been performed so much.
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  3. It’s amazing, I hope she performs it again and again. The feel good rush!
  4. “Celebration” is a horrid cover so it’s extra sad “What Kind of Fool” is dismissed.

    In saying that, I love “What Kind of Fool” but it really should’ve had a 7” remix that was in vein to “Do You Dare?” and “Closer”. Would’ve made more of an impression I think.
  5. Celebration was a nice way to wrap up her time with PWL and a great crowd pleaser. She wouldn’t have had success with another single at that time so it really didn’t matter. Think we know that she has a fondness for disco tracks so it’s probably one of her personal faves
  6. This is a classic. Bring back Nick Knight!
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  7. Justice for What Kind of Fool and Turn It Into Love!
  8. Celebration is fine. I think it suits Kylie's singing style. It just feels like quite a lazy cover.

    What Kind of Fool is absolutely superior!
  9. Not Kylie Ann basically inventing Insta filters.
  10. Take my money right there! This would be a Kylie stan's dream come true I think!
  11. All I want as a PWL Kylie stan is Word Is Out to be performed on a tour!
  12. Now that would be a big shock if that were to happen!
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  13. Piss break for me then.
  14. I hate that so many Parlaphone singles in streaming don't use their iconic covers and just use the Kylie logo. I think I've said it before but her EMI catalogue needs a good clean up. Each single getting the PWL EP treatment
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  15. Maybe it's the sun but I've become obessed with this song. Screams to be a single.
  16. And they need to fix "City Games" on streaming, for fuck sake. How disappointing it is to click play and hear a "Chocolate" dub mix.
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  17. Kylie, for me, is the greatest popstar that has ever lived.

    The depth and breadth of that discography is completely unmatched and unrivalled. If Gods carved out the perfect pop music, it would sound a lot like Kylie’s music.

    And her prestige as a performer is also out of this world. Random, but I was thinking about the KylieX2008 and Aphrodite Les Follies and how they were the polar opposites to one another stylistically, even though they were consecutive (world) tours. And yet they were equally spectacular and extravagant and other-worldly. But they still had heart and warmth and spirit and intimacy and soul, which is thanks to the woman herself.
  18. It really is superior! I had Kylie on Spotify shuffle and it went from It's No Secret to Surrender to Second the Midnight to Jump. The sheer diversity!

  19. well_its_over.jpg
  20. I'm alright with a song or two but nothing more please and thank you.
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