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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Was hoping she was done with him. Whilst they have done some bops, his stuff sounds to flat and basic for my liking.
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  2. This is truly the greatest and most agreeable post I've ever liked and read on here. I agree, for me too, Kylie IS Pop Music.
  3. I don't mind if a couple of his tracks make it, but we need more input from others on this one.
  4. Right. I actually liked his contribution on both Golden and Disco, though, both albums have a couple tracks where they would be so much better if the production felt like it had some depth. I think looking forward, I’m happy with him having a couple of tracks but his work has defined her last two albums because the majority of the tracks were his. It’s time for different perspectives.
  5. It is all there and a lot of it released digitally. Add the missing versions to each single and you have guaranteed winner.
  6. Is that Kris Houston too?
  7. Sky better only be there for her to show him how to properly produce good music and nothing else.
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  8. I don’t mind Sky. He’s responsible for Supernova. I want more of that bop energy for the new album.
  9. I think we need something more substantial now. We know she does fun and light well, but it’s time to step out of her comfort zone. We don’t need another Impossible Princess, but a step that points more to artistic maturity and growth would be welcome.
  10. I don't want "substantial" from Kylie. If she gives us sexy, slinky bops like Slow, which she has referenced for the next album, then I will be more than happy.
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  11. Slow *is* substantial though.
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  12. I don’t think she wants a new IP. Something more in line with Disco. Maybe not properly Disco 2, the comeback,but definitely something fun and light to have fun with. It has to fit well with
    Disco tracks even considering the upcoming tour…
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  13. Substantial doesn't mean she can't be fun or sexy. She can craft songs that capture all of that if she does more than the bare minimum and works with producers who know how to properly produce.
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  14. IP gold??? Why?
  15. Having that cover in vinyl size is just mouth watering.

    I'm guessing if they do different colour vinyls they will go with the four colours on the cover - so gold, purple, blue and whatever tone you would call the colour at the top.
  16. Isn’t that the pink at the center of the vinyl?
  17. Was listening to Where In The World recently, and as corny as it was, i actually get quite a lot of joy from it. I always felt like it was a lovely close to her PWL years that song. Would rather have had that over Celebration any day!
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  18. I love Where In The World but know I’m in the minority!! Nice to meet a fellow appreciator
  19. Regarding Sky Adams and his production skills, I honestly think he’s great and a great collaborator for Kylie. It’s all about mixing and mastering, which fail to bring out the depth in his production. Compare the original and extended versions of the Sky songs on Disco… both were produced by Sky but the extended versions really bring the songs to life and the production is much more… deep, inspired and luxurious? And it’s not because of the length of the songs, because the parts from the original versions sound great as well.
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