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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I also have a soft spot for Where In The World and at the time I preferred it over Celebration, however on reflection it would have bombed even more than Celebration and should definitely have stayed as a nice wee album track.
  2. Hello, random request for information here. 'When The Cat's Away & 'Excuse My French', both killer tunes in my opinition, anyone knows if they were recorded by someone else? Seems like a wasted opportuity ... cheers
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  3. Where In The World, is probably one of the few Kylie songs I don't listen too must admit.
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  4. No, neither song was recorded by others. The leaked ones are sung by Mia J.
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  5. I am a fan of both and wouldn’t have minded if they had become Kylie songs
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  6. Excuse My French was actually recorded by Austrian singer Charlee for her 2010 album This Is Me, and it’s a bop in a 2010, slightly budget eurodance way! Sadly unable to stream in the UK, but it’s on Spotify so must be available somewhere in the world (maybe Austria). The lead single Boy Like You is also a bop.

  7. Flop me!
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  9. This technically isn't "Excuse My French," but Stephanie released a reworked version of "Excuse My French."

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  10. These are two songs I really wish Kylie had recorded and released as part of the X campaign, album or b-side. Great pop songs and a shame they do not feature her vocals.
  11. Thanks ... I should've scrolled down before:)
  12. Ah yes, and with 'Sexercise' video to boot
  13. Cheers, need to sort VPN

  14. I didn't know of the pool cue story!
  15. I’m at Sziget festival and there’s a tent dedicated to LGBTQ+ performances. I watched the main performance today, which is an hour long variety show, and near the end, the opening notes of Love To Love You Baby started playing. I even remember saying to myself that I was going to throw away my wig if this turned out to be Slow, and then I heard the life-changing “Knew you’d be here tonight” line and immediately found myself in another dimenson. Best. Song. Ever.

    I still can’t believe they chose this song as I always have the feeling Kylie is rather underrated outside of the UK, so the whole performance got me very emotional.
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  16. I have to dredge Impossible Princess back up to express the joy I feel while listening to it.

    I love how she explores some new areas of influence. Wasn’t she spending time in LA around this period?
  17. From what I recall, Kylie and Stephane drove across America during the summer of 96.
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  18. Someone made this great little clip to Free and it matches the song and the feel of the time.

  19. God I wish there was a studio version of Free and it made the album. It would be my favorite track on Impossible Princess.
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