Kylie Minogue

I would go on hours listening to IP and watching this amazing video ! THANK YOU A LOT !!!
I don't wanna talk about that scene with a carrott ! (what were they thinking while writing it ??? Oh dear ! Is it a movie ?)
Is there a way to read Poems to Break the Harts of Impossible Princesses by billy childish ?


I'm not sure about the book being available to read online, you'd most likely have to try and track down a second hand copy somewhere.
cough, cough

IP is sheer quality. And for me sits perfectly in my 90s playlist with other exceptional albums from around that time such as Post, Moon Safari, Young Team, Mezzanine, Portishead, Gran Turismo.

I don’t need Kylie to re-visit that soundscape today. It was of it’s time both for the 90s but also for the stage of Kylie’s career and what was to come next.

That said, can’t wait to have IP on vinyl. And for the people at Team Kylie who read this forum, Kylie fans will spend MONEY for the lenticular cover on vinyl.
I have always loved IP and loved the singles but I know a lot of people did not. Are there many who at the time did not like IP but now absolutely adore the album?