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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I would go on hours listening to IP and watching this amazing video ! THANK YOU A LOT !!!
    I don't wanna talk about that scene with a carrott ! (what were they thinking while writing it ??? Oh dear ! Is it a movie ?)
    Is there a way to read Poems to Break the Harts of Impossible Princesses by billy childish ?
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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t realize the IP release was so plagued with issues. And then to me compared to Madonna, despite the album being complete long before Ray of Light came about.

    now where can I find this “Real Thing” cover?
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  3. Sounds a biT familiar, innit
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  4. Very well done! I hope not long until we can finally pre order the Impossible Princess vinyl too.
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  5. Thanks!

    I'm not sure about the book being available to read online, you'd most likely have to try and track down a second hand copy somewhere.
  6. IP is sheer quality. And for me sits perfectly in my 90s playlist with other exceptional albums from around that time such as Post, Moon Safari, Young Team, Mezzanine, Portishead, Gran Turismo.

    I don’t need Kylie to re-visit that soundscape today. It was of it’s time both for the 90s but also for the stage of Kylie’s career and what was to come next.

    That said, can’t wait to have IP on vinyl. And for the people at Team Kylie who read this forum, Kylie fans will spend MONEY for the lenticular cover on vinyl.
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  7. Is this a new video? I think I’ve watched every video on your channel haha.

  8. It really is just the greatest pop song/video of all time, isn't it? She did that.
  9. This was such a moment. Imagine this being your first introduction to Kylie or your reintroduction to Kylie after only knowing her from "The Locomotion."
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  10. This was exactly my experience. Born in the UK. Loved Kylie as a little kid. Family moved to the US in 1990. Didn't hear a peep from her again until 'Head.
  11. It's mad to think that much of the US went 13 years without the joy of Kylie music in their lives.
  12. Ha, from a few months back now.
  13. RRS


    I watched the video, then the Sugababes one. Then the Madonna one. Then i realised it was 2:30am and should go to sleep. Absolutely brilliant and so jam packed with info! Thanks so much i cant i wait to watch more!
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  14. Thanks!
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  15. I have always loved IP and loved the singles but I know a lot of people did not. Are there many who at the time did not like IP but now absolutely adore the album?
  16. I always loved the album but have since lost interest in both the Manic tracks. They are OK but I prefer the rest of the album overall.
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  17. I love I Don't Need Anyone and was thrilled when Kylie performed it live during the Anti Tour.
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  18. I absolutely love Some Kind Of Bliss. I think the video really sells it.
  19. I still don't get the lack of love for this one. It's a great radio play 90's tune!
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