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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I like Some Kind of Bliss but it does go on a bit with the never-ending chorus. I was much more into Did It Again. Breathe is beautiful. I had always wanted Limbo as a single (which Kylie did request) but I get why they didn't.
  2. I appreciate the album and how important it is to Kylie’s catalogue but can honestly take it or leave it
  3. I’m gay but the sex that Kylie casually oozes in the Bliss video is so hot. I’m surprised the song is not more popular.

    I was a toddler when it came out so didn’t really experience that era. Was its lack of success because of Princess Diana?
  4. I’d love to hear the Olive version of Limbo.
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  5. Not really. Her post PWL releases were a mixture of hit and miss and large gaps between releases. Indie Kylie just wasn't what the GP wanted from her. At all.
  6. The sound that led the album (Some Kind of Bliss) was what had dominated the chart 2 years before and she was too late, plus there was a whole campaign from Chris Evans and Virgin Radio about banning her music
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  7. I think the biggest problem was the huge gap between releases. In that time she hadn't toured (other than a few festivals) and she completely disappeared from sight. Add that to releasing a song that her core fanbase had zero interest in and the campaign was doomed. IP is my favourite album but I could see how shockingly bad the campaign was for it.

    Even things like the hideous sleeve for Did it again.

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  8. Chris Evans didn’t have anything to do with the ban. He bought Virgin Radio at the time the ban was in force I think. Apparently he brought Kylie on his show and let Kylie slap each of the execs faces.
  9. Whoever it was it was cruel, there was adverts all buses in London saying ‘we’ve done something to improve Kylie’s songs, we’ve stopped playing them’. Remember it clearly
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  10. She won in the end though, so...
  11. Do you mean Olive the band, did they write that track?
  12. Yep, the 'You're Not Alone' band.

    In the recent Kylie: Song by Song book they mentioned that Limbo was originally called Sweetest Summer. The Olive song was scrapped and the lyrics were adapted for what would be known as Limbo. It's a really good book and well worth purchasing.

    Also, lyrics from the other Olive/Kylie song called 'Into Myself' were adapted for Some Kind Of Bliss. Apparently both the Olive songs were drum and bass sounding.
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  13. The Virgin Radio ban was years before Impossible Princess. Virgin reset its market and audience-demo along with Radio One in between the two DeCon eras. The week the single came out, "Some Kind of Bliss" was #4 on Virgin Radio, only just behind "Bitch", "Black Eyed Boy" and "The Drugs Don't Work" (three genuinely massively inescapable 1997 songs). "Some Kind of Bliss" didn't have a problem at radio - Radio One was hammering it, and it had its biggest growth the week that Diana died and UK radio pulled almost all music beyond sad songs.

    My honest opinion? The artwork and the lack of TV promo opportunities in the wake of Diana's death (Kylie could only do TFI Friday - a Chris Evans TV show). The album name discussion, retitling and pulling all happened after the single limped into the chart. Later, radio was a little bit more frosty towards "Did It Again" and "Breathe", but the record-buying public were kinder, at least, going on chart positions.

    I think the record-buying public were also a little hasty into buying into the new Kylie sound, since she had spent the previous few years being over-emphasised as an indie-band/Britpop-hanger-on punchline in the press. "Some Kind of Bliss" took one for the team, I think a lot of people were a bit more like "I kinda like where this is going now" once the other two singles appeared, but the delays to the album just helped sink the ship faster. When people get whiff of a messy era, they tend to avoid.
  14. I think the whole Kylie is uncool/she’s such a try-hard framing did a lot of damage. The era was also doomed by the music press. When the demo was first made available to the press, the praise was almost universal and there was a lot of buzz. But by the time the album was released, the damage was done and critics slagged it. It was a truly toxic time. Some of the media interviews that Kylie had to endure were truly awful. The presenters were rude and more interested in being rude than her music. Lesser people would’ve cracked. But it made her comeback all the more sweeter.
  15. Did It Again just felt more like lead single material over Some Kind of Bliss. With that video too, and the right promo, I'd like to think it would have done really well. I mean, the single didn't bomb but I think she didn't have too many opportunities to promote it either, sadly.

    I probably wouldn't have released Some Kind of Bliss as a single at all. It's catchy but it doesn't scream single to me.
  16. Some Kind of Bliss and I Don’t Need Anyone would have made a good EP - maybe including Little Baby Nothing. Impossible has some great B sides which could have filled the album. Was Take Me With You written for Impossible. Can’t believe it never made an album proper. Is possibly my fave Kylie track in its nine minutes of glory. Love it. D
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  17. I wouldn't say so, but I guess that it could be considered a factor, but if so, it was one of many factors.

    Personally, I think that it was primarily due to "Some Kind Of Bliss" just being the wrong choice for lead single and its release featuring several questionable choices, including its single cover completely misrepresenting the song and its one CD single instead of the standard CD1 and CD2 release that her previous Deconstruction singles received.

    I do think that the album benefited from its delayed release, with "Did It Again" being better received and performing better than "Some Kind Of Bliss." Impossible Princess did surprisingly well, considering that it is considered her "flop era," out-peaking Let's Get To It in Australia and the UK.
  18. Exactly, as much as I love Kylie and now Some Kind Of Bliss itself,I hate the way Diana's death is sometimes seen to blame for the song stalling at #22. There were still 21 other singles that week that people bought and charted higher.
  19. Bizarrely this isn't my memory of the reception to Some Kind of Bliss at all - at the time I thought radio completely ignored it, but in those days I only listened to two hours of radio; Radio 1 on the way to work, local commercial radio on the way back. It's good to hear my creaky memory is wrong about the reception! I do remember being thrown that the lead single from the album didn't have a 2 x CD single set. And that the only remix of Bliss wasn't a commercial poppers'o'clock effort,

    One other thing I do remember was Radio 1 opting to play the Sash remix edit of Breathe. Which was an edit that wasn't on the CD single and had to be tracked down on the promo CD. I don't think that mix ever surfaced on a commercial CD release, just to frustrate those of us who like to listen to mixes radio played.
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  20. I don’t think there are any singles on Impossible Princess. It’s a great album though.
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