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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I blame “Some Kind of Bliss” for this masterpiece of an album flopping but I’ve felt this was the true reason. Plus, the 90s enjoyed skewering “old” acts from the 80s when they tried anything new (at least Stateside).
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  2. I wonder how it would have fared if Breathe was the lead single?
  3. I still maintain 'Cowboy style' should have been the lead. It wouldn't have been a massive hit but it didn't sound like she was jumping on a bandwagon like 'Bliss' did. It could have had some cool remixes as well. Then, 'Did it again' and 'Breathe' as second/third singles and Limbo as a wildcard fourth.
  4. Breathe is the best single from Impossible Princess for me. A Kylie career best too personally that song.
  5. I absolutely agree with this!
  6. Bad. And I love Breathe, but that as the 1st single wouldn't have registered a pulse with the GP.
  7. I can’t stand the sped up version of Breathe. The album version is 11/10 though.
  8. 9999% agree. It baffles me why they sped it up. Assume because they though they GP would find it too slow but come on! It really isn’t.

    I think Limbo would have made a great first single. With a video of Kylie hurtling through space or something.
  9. It is really slow, but that’s the beauty and point of the song anyways; It is deliberately at that tempo.

    I love both versions, and it depends on my mood which version I use.
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  10. I love the album version. The lyrics are about patience and waiting and so the slower pace adds to that. I also think the amazing Nalin and Kane remix also gives that ambience too.

    I find the poppier remixes from Todd Terry and Sash don’t really work with the song.
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  11. I only knew the single version up until a few years ago so the album version sounds odd to me.
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  12. Just as the stars have aligned for Kylie many times in her career, they were completely misaligned during Impossible Princess.

    Some Kind of Bliss did receive pretty good reception and good radio play. As much as I love the brave choice of artwork (and all the imagery for this era), it really didn't match the vibe of the song and Kylie was unrecognisable. The choice to release one CD single with an album track (even if the album wasn't out yet) and a dub mix, at 3.99, on release week when everyone else was releasing 2 cd's at 1.99 each filled with remixes was a poor decision. The 7" was very limited so barely would have impacted sales, same with the cassette I guess. If I remember rightly one of the formats was also discontinued on release week, also impacting sales. There is no doubt that the death of Princess Diana impacted sales that week too, but I imagine this would be true for all charting singles then.

    The general public was a little over britpop by the time the single was released and they simply weren't ready for 'IndieKylie' even if the single did not really represent the album. The media seemed to be against anyone trying to break the mold of 80's pop and the tabloid/paparazzi/lad culture was at its absolute worst.

    The delays and name change were a nightmare and half the die-hard fans had already purchased the album on import from Tower Records by the time it finally came out in the UK.

    So sadly, the album underperformed in the UK at the time.

    I'm so glad that over time people have become more appreciative of it, for me, it's her masterpiece. I don't think she'll ever top it (though she has come close several times). It opened a whole new world of music and art for me. Without it I would never have discovered how amazing Bjork or Garbage are (amongst others), I wouldn't have appreciated the photography of Stephane or others she worked with at the time, and the angst she presented on the album helped me come to terms with my own self.

    Let's not forget that without Impossible Princess we would not have seen the birth of Kylie, the showgirl and we would not have had Spinning Around or anything that came after. This album and Light Years remain my top 2 Kylie albums, they are both so 100% Kylie at totally opposite sides of the scale.

    So despite the stars not aligning for Impossible Princess's success, it set everything else in motion post its release and is perhaps the single most important, pivitol moment in her career.
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  13. Same. At the time I only knew of "Breathe" from the single/video release and then subsequently Hits+, so when I got the 2003 Expanded Edition of Impossible Princess I was quite surprised. I'm too used to hearing the single version that the album version just feels like it's pulling me backwards.
  14. That was the head of BMG who made that decision. Some big singles had came out earlier in 1997 without a first week discount and did big numbers (I think, Spice Girls and Boyzone) and he decided that fuck it, all of BMG's new singles were going to be full price on week one. Quickly reversed when their September slate of lead singles debuted in the twenties and thirties.

    The majority of 7" singles were deleted on week one back then, it simply means they made an initial pressing expecting it to be sold out on the Monday and shops can't reorder any. "Deleted on week one" is simply marketing speak for "limited edition but make it DRAMATIC". According to Hit Music, 8% of the total first week sales were the 7" while 16% of sales were the cassette.

    Discogs has a note that the 7" is limited to 4,000 copies (not sure if this is verified), which is a mid-size run for a vinyl single in the mid-90s. At the time, Garbage were pressing 10-14,000 units of their 7" singles, and I'm pretty sure Sleeper were doing similar pressing runs. Doing a quick head calculation of what "Some Kind of Bliss" first week sales must have been around, then the 7" almost certainly didn't sell out that first week (unless "Some Kind of Bliss" somehow sold 50,000 copies to make #22)
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  15. I bought IP on Australian import around the time of 'Did It Again' so I was very used to album version of 'Breathe'. It was a standout track, an obvious single to me. I was shocked to hear the sped up version but somehow it worked better on the radio. It stood out more. I like both for different reasons and glad you get a different experience of it on the album, which works better as a whole.
  16. That's right I remember now, the did do that for a while didn't they. Thanks for the additional sales info too, But yeah, I can't see it having sold 50k in week one and only making #22. Even in the 90's sales weren't that high! And I think given that week was entirely consumed with news of Diana, most tracks aside from Elton would have sold less than average weeks.
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  17. 30 years today, since the release of Kylie's first ever Greatest Hits
    5 years of in my view, classic pop and still sounds good.
  18. Deconstruction should've had the guts to go with IP with the BIR and Dave Ball/Ingo Vauk tracks alone - Limbo as a first single would've fared no worse than Bliss for sure. The album would've avoided the 'IndieKylie' label. Then the two Manics tracks could've been a double-A side Kylie vs Manics release later that year, and would've made more sense to the public.

    But as noted, it needed to go the way it did for the 2000 return!
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  19. Happy Birthday, Greatest Hits! Loved the double vinyl version, and the feeling that Kylie had achieved so much in 5 years. Still remember the disappointment of it being all (bar Shocked) album versions instead of single mixes, which stopped it being the perfect collection.
  20. Yes, I bet that would have felt odd at the time. Thankfully put right with the digital edition years later too! It really is such an great evolution of music I think.
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