Kylie Minogue

I would love to see a blue edition from S.O.V. that has an exclusive 'Kylie Minogue' sticker to put over the top of the 'Impossible Princess' text and recreate the album as it was here in 1998!

Gay niche-ness gone wild.
Those vinyls really are gorgeous! Have lots to buy over the coming months, so in the end was good and decided to go for the orange vinyl from HMV. Like the way it picks the colour that is featured the most from the pyramid on the cover. Great we are getting this all round, it's one of Kylie's most notable and dare I say it, iconic albums? If even only to the fanbase. Nice to see it get the 25th anniversary treatment.
And I’ve bought all 4 of course.

I’m in the doghouse with the husband, but what can I do, it’s Impossible Princess!

If anything else sneaks on the store while I attempt to sleep and sells out before morning I’ll be sad.

Take all my money queen!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see this in the charts again. Unlikely though I guess.

I think it’ll chart in Australia…
Think the Fever vinyl reissue isn’t a good benchmark - we’re not really comparing apples with apples. Sainsbury’s/Retrocrates/HMV’s limited presses also make it harder to compare. But it would be nice indeed if it charted, and allow for a broader, fairer reassessment of the album. I continue to believe that Kylie’s seeming reluctance to push the boundaries in recent years was largely informed by the scathing reception (bar Oz) to Impossible Princess. She poured her heart into it and the world sneered. It’s an experience that would traumatise anyone. Staging a proper comeback from it cemented her legend status. She earned it the hard way.
She’d normally need to sell around 5,000 to make Top 10, so it could potentially outpeak the original, but she’s picked a week with a lot of new releases (Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen), plus the week before has The 1975 & Beyoncé’s vinyl release, both of which I imagine will stay in the Top 10 for a second week - so I’m not sure how likely Top 10 is.

Regardless, I think Team Kylie will be pleased with the outcome, it’s very minimal effort for them and shows that fans are still invested in her back catalogue outside of the hit albums - and is a nice in between eras way of making some coin.