Kylie Minogue

Showgirl 2005 she performed Dreams
Showgirl Homecoming 2006 she performed Dreams, Cowboy Style and Too Far
Anti Tour she performed Drunk, Say Hey & I Don't Need Anyone
Kiss Me Once she performed snippets of Breathe
Kylie Presents Golden she performed Breathe

She's definitely not ignored this album which is brilliant.

Oh, I know she hasn't ignored the record but aside from Breathe, we haven't heard any other tracks from IP on her tours since Anti (which only a few select people got to attend) so really nothing since 2006 - 16 years ago. I was just saying that with the vinyl release and assuming it's a big seller, it would be cool if she brought more of the album out to play on the next tour.
I'd love even a medley of Impossible Princess songs on the next tour. This was one of her best ever tour sections for me:

I don't think Impossible Princess songs will work as a medley. They don't really gel together. But I love when she splices IP lyrics into other songs, like with the Lucky/Dreams version from the Fever tour.
The new album’s finished according to The S*n.
I can reveal she has all but completed her 16th studio album and secretly jetted into London last week to play the record for her label.

She met with bosses at BMG so they could listen to her new songs and discuss the collection’s release – which isn’t too far away.

A source told me: “Everything is being treated as top secret. Most people at the label didn’t even know she was coming.

“She quietly flew into London to visit bosses at BMG.

“They were really impressed and talks moved on to how they will roll it out”

Details are being ironed out but the album is scheduled to drop in the first half of 2023.