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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Also the Impossible Princess songs on the Fever Tour are some of Steve Anderson's best live productions. Cowboy Style/Double Dutch/Slim Shady, I Should Be So Lucky/Dreams and Limbo/Push Upstairs.
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  2. Those Fever tour versions are STUNNING, especially Limbo.
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  3. That video could come out today and it’d be on trend! Iconic, she really does just ooze sexuality and confidence in it.
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  4. Kylie at the BBC is ‘new’…hoping that finally the unseen What Do I Have To Do TOTP performance will be shown.
  5. Oh, I know she hasn't ignored the record but aside from Breathe, we haven't heard any other tracks from IP on her tours since Anti (which only a few select people got to attend) so really nothing since 2006 - 16 years ago. I was just saying that with the vinyl release and assuming it's a big seller, it would be cool if she brought more of the album out to play on the next tour.
  6. I'd love even a medley of Impossible Princess songs on the next tour. This was one of her best ever tour sections for me:
  7. Doubt they will show it, but I'd love to finally see it. Who knows, they showed an unseen performance from Wogan in Mariah's Beeb special recently, so *fingers crossed*.
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  8. Yeah, we don't necessarily need full songs in the setlist but a medley to top the hat to the record and it's fans would be lovely.
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  9. I can see myself clapping like a seal or Nicole Kidman around the 00:51 mins part!
    This was a great live version!
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  10. Why wasn’t it broadcast?
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  11. I don't think Impossible Princess songs will work as a medley. They don't really gel together. But I love when she splices IP lyrics into other songs, like with the Lucky/Dreams version from the Fever tour.
  12. Kylie At The BBC should be at least three hours.
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  13. Wish they’d play Infinite Disco in the empty slot. Who cares if it isn’t ‘from’ the BBC!
  14. The BBC
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  15. They should put up more clips from Infinite Disco to Youtube and monetise them.
  16. The new album’s finished according to The S*n.
  17. I’m expecting a similar rollout to Golden with the single at the start of the year and the album in the spring. I’m excited to hear it and hopefully she stuck to her mission of stepping outside of her comfort zone.

    As ever, I’d give my life for this woman.
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  19. Hoping for the first single in Q4 2022 and the album in Q1-Q2 2023.

    Let's go!
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