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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Yeah, I'd love to see a single before Christmas. We're still under the impression she's going more electropop this time?
  2. She's got wine promo in Australia in December so I'm guessing she will do that, spend Xmas with family and get some rest before a busy 2023.
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  3. The CND logo on her Galliano top was considered to be breaking the BBC's impartiality rules due to the Gulf war going on at the time, apparently.
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  4. Yeah, I don't expect us to hear any new music until late Jan/early Feb with an album planned for April/May time perhaps?
  5. Impossible Princess picture disc available again! I'm so glad I managed to snatch it this time.
  6. I really hope nothing is announced until spring 2023. My bank account needs a little rest.
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  7. I'd love new Kylie music soon, but as it's September already now, it really won't be that long now to wait.
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  8. Schedule confirmed with Kylie at Hyde Park for Radio 2 at 9.25:
  9. An updated Kylie At The BBC special is long over due, so nice to see it's happening at last.
  10. Crazy to think that Some Kind Of Bliss and Can't Get You Out of My Head share release date anniversaries. 21 and 25 years respectively.
  11. Violet is now sold out.
  12. Indeed, defining singles for Kylie, and yet both for very different ways.
  13. 32A52FF3-8BCF-4E2A-AEEA-30D80DBBC62D.jpeg Violet vinyl sold out, picture disc available again but from late november for orders made after the restock.
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  14. Great news! Just shows the love for the incredible Impossible Princess album. Cannot wait for October with this and another one of of my all-time favourites The Communards' Red being reissued.
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  15. Well... I hope this is rescheduled and not just completely forgotten about if BBC are suspending programming for the next week or so.
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  16. The Corrs best of <3
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  17. Can't wait for the Impossible Princess vinyl to sit proudly alongside my Bjork Post vinyl.
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  18. I was really hoping for some Kylie Christmas shows this year. Would be great to see her back on stage spreading some joy around the festive period before moving into the new era in 2023.
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  19. Emma Bunton being booted to whatever theaters she's doing gives me tiny hope?
  20. Hasn't she planned Xmas holidays in Australia, this year ?
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