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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Just checked and RAH is free Dec 15 and 16 kii
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  2. K: Hello ! It's Kylie here
    V: Hi K, it's Vas, here
    K: Vas ! So please to her from you ! How are you doing ?
    V: I just wanted to tell you I booked RAH on Dec 15 and 16. Call those reindeers back and turn into Ice Queen again !
    K: Great Vas ! There'll be snow, too ! After the Aphrodite Tour fountains, I promise real snow
    V: Great ! See you on 15, K! And bring the new album master, too !
    K: Sure Vas !
  3. I went for the orange Impossible Princess in the end, it can join my Garbage Version 2.0. Its such a dynamic colour!
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  4. Why did I read this like it was the intro to Barbie Girl?
  5. Did anyone else read this as the One Boy Girl rap?
  6. Haha! Mine was more on brand though!
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  7. So Robbie's new GH is out and Disco Symphony is a triumph. Shame Kylie isn't on it as I can hear her soaring on it.
    And the new Kids is.....good? I can't believe it. Her new vocals on it (they sound new) are killer.
  8. Well, I like it. Not amazed by it… yet!
  9. Is that brand new vocals by Kylie on the update of Kids I take it then too?
  10. I have never a great fan of Kids and this new version definitely has not changed my opinion. It is one song I wish Kylie would drop from her live set but sadly I so not think that's going to happen.
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  11. I don´t ever want to hear Kids again...
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  12. You recorded a duet with Kylie and you take her vocals off when you release it. Why ? Was it so bad ? Was her decision ? Was a label decision ? Is there a personal motivation ? It looks so strange.
    How many chances are Kylie is gonna release the duet version in her next album or in another album ? Mhm...Maybe he's planning a duet album ?
  13. Or maybe he is saving this to release it as a single?
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  14. Gosh I hope not. I hope all versions are archived and never see the light of day ever again. I wish Kids never appeared on the Light Years album and was simply a one-off single
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  15. I was talking about Disco Symphony, not Kids. Kids still has Kylie vocals (if they are new or old)
  16. I wish Kids had been drowned at birth.
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  17. Kids is an absolute banger, sort yourselves out.
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  18. 'Kids' is just overplayed for the fans, but it always works well live. I do wish they'd change up the arrangement a bit though.
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  19. Every time she does Kids live I just sit down. I hated the song when it was released and I hate it even more now.
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