Kylie Minogue

You recorded a duet with Kylie and you take her vocals off when you release it. Why ? Was it so bad ? Was her decision ? Was a label decision ? Is there a personal motivation ? It looks so strange.
How many chances are Kylie is gonna release the duet version in her next album or in another album ? Mhm...Maybe he's planning a duet album ?

Or maybe Kylie doesn’t want a “disco” song this late in her Disco album campaign, and this close to a new campaign starting Q1.

The song is also pretty bad.
I don't hate Kids, but I'm tired of her performing it. The issue is that Kylie always trots out the same version of it, she doesn't remix it like some of her other hits. If she's determined to play Kids, she should transform it via a remix.
Her vocal is very Kylie Christmas. She’s gone for cute rather than sexy this time it seems, even to the point of adding the annoying kiss she’s been accustomed to doing live after the “Couldn’t do what I wanted to do when my lips were dry” lyric. Keep it!

I always thought it was a kiss on the original but I see it’s just a moan/sigh that happens at that point.
Kids is a fun song, it's probably less fun if you've been listening to it since it dropped. I go back and forth with it but it does have some kitchy cool gen x vibes. It was my first introduction to Kylie through it's spot on the Grand Theft Auto V playlist after vowing to never listen to her because of another homosexual who hurt me kii. So it was very satisfying to be able to swap radio stations, find it on, and make my friends listen to it as we played.

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