Kylie Minogue

I have been quiet on the remixing front as took some time out from work and life and went to Mallorca for a few weeks. But felt inspired to do a remix of my fave underrated Fever album track and give it a 90s pop/house makeover. I hope you enjoy my new take of Your Love.

So Robbie's new GH is out and Disco Symphony is a triumph. Shame Kylie isn't on it as I can hear her soaring on it.
And the new Kids is.....good? I can't believe it. Her new vocals on it (they sound new) are killer.

Im wondering then why Kylie's vocals taken off it if the song is a triumph ( Ive not heard it yet ) Maybe cos they got Kylie to re-record her Kids vocals they thought its best to restrict her to one song on the album as opposed to having two songs on the album, it is afterall a robbie williams album, not a kylie album. I would have loved it personally if she did a new, fresh song but it is what it is.
he / him
Quick, let's do our X tracklistings!
1. "2 Hearts" (The Twelves Remix)
2. "Like A Drug"
3. "In My Arms"
4. "Speakerphone"
5. "Heart Beat Rock" (Benny Blanco Remix) [feat. MC Spank Rock]
6. "The One"
7. "Carried Away"
8. "Stars"
9. "Wow" (CSS Mix)
10. "Cherry Bomb"
11. "Rippin Up The Disco"