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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The album keeps getting continually shifted - this is the third or fourth delay now. Her track was still on it when he last discussed it, though.
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  2. Not sure whether the official release was on this day or tomorrow, but it was definitely 7 years ago today that I heard my favourite ever Kylie song for the first time.

    The whole EP is slightly whacky and completely stunning.

    The following night I'd flown into Boston and was staying in a hotel and had it on very quietly on loop during a particularly fantastic Grindr hookup dddd
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  3. I love how unexpected this project was. Like who could've imagined a Kylie × Shaggy collaboration in 2015? And somehow it worked!
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  4. Kylie + Garibay is truly delightful. I wish we got a full record because the second EP is incredible.
  5. Your Body is goosebump inducing euphoria
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  6. I love the outro/the last 30 seconds of that song. I'd take a full minute of that outro.
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  7. Black and White, while not my favorite song, is some of the best writing Kylie has done. The lyrics are perfection (not the Shaggy bit lol).
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  8. I have been quiet on the remixing front as took some time out from work and life and went to Mallorca for a few weeks. But felt inspired to do a remix of my fave underrated Fever album track and give it a 90s pop/house makeover. I hope you enjoy my new take of Your Love.

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  9. I think Sleepwalker and the Garibay EP were the direction Kylie wanted to take at that time, but obviously we got Kiss Me Once. I'm glad she managed to get them out.
  10. Between Kiss Me Once, the two Garibay EPs, Sparks, Crystallize, Golden Boy, Waiting 4 The Sun leak, Right Here Right Now, the Christmas album... 2014/15 Kylie kept me well fed.

    We don't mention AAAAAA.
  11. Kinda crazy how Kylie can make even a drab street look like a work of art!
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  12. @Jóga GURLLLL
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  13. Impossible Princess now on Amazon, for those around the world who want to save on delivery.
  14. I love Kylie but the amazing video is in huge part to Gondry.
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  15. Miss a Thing now playing in Terminal 5 at JFK. Get that U.S. promo, Queen.
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  16. Was picking up my husband at the United terminal at LAX a few months back and Fragile was playing at baggage claim.
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  17. It's the orange one in Italy...
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  18. A miniature discussion of Wow in the new album thread has inspired me to listen to its accompanying b-sides and honestly- they’re all firm favourites.
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  19. I mean, wow!

    All of these are amazing and should have made the album.
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