Kylie Minogue

Magnetic Electric is one of the few Kylie songs I really don’t like. It getting a spot on the anti tour always baffled me.

Good album name though.
Any eventual deluxe edition for X is going to have such a killer disc 2. The 5 b-sides + the 3 bonus tracks + any leftovers they are willing to include? Gimme.
It’s my favorite Kylie album, so I’d absolutely love it. I’m hoping the goodies included are “Sexual Gold”, “Ruffle My Feathers”, and “Lose Control” as well as The Freemasons edit of “The One” as that hasn’t been available physically. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a solo version of Christophe Willem’s re-do of “Sensitized” (doubt it exists but it would be cool to have the production of that and only Kylie’s vocals).
Quick, let's do our X tracklistings!


This is no joking matter.

1. Like a Drug
2. Speakerphone (single #2)
3. In My Arms (single #1)
4. Fall for You
5. Lose Control
6. Cherry Bomb
7. Ruffle My Feathers
8. Sensitized
9. The One (single #4)
10. Heart Beat Rock
11. Wow (single #3 only because it's one the GP still remembers.)
12. Stars
13. No More Rain (I don't love it but Kylie fought for it so it can be tacked on at the end.)


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Speakerphone is an iTunes exclusive/buzz single/pre-release track, but not a fully fledged single. Maybe give it a video and 1 promo performance.

The GP most likely will not be doing the pop lock body rock.
I still think 2 Hearts is only rivalled by Some Kind Of Bliss and Word Is Out, as the "what were they thinking??!" in terms of being a lead single. Decent enough song but don't feel lead status either. The other leads, are Kylie classics, even Into The Blue in it's own way.
“Into The Blue” made sense as it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Aphrodite.

“2 Hearts” and “Some Kind Of Bliss” were mistakes.

Remove All I See and swap The One with 2 Hearts for me.

I forget “All I See” was a single and I live in the US!