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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. If electropop is the brief for the new album, "Cherry Bomb" should've been the template.

    What a bop.
  2. Speakerphone was the obvious lead single to me, followed by Like A Drug/Wow/The One as the singles run.

    Kylie doing electropop again has me excited, it's what she does best.
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  3. Quick, let's do our X tracklistings!

  4. Im wondering then why Kylie's vocals taken off it if the song is a triumph ( Ive not heard it yet ) Maybe cos they got Kylie to re-record her Kids vocals they thought its best to restrict her to one song on the album as opposed to having two songs on the album, it is afterall a robbie williams album, not a kylie album. I would have loved it personally if she did a new, fresh song but it is what it is.
  5. 1. "2 Hearts" (The Twelves Remix)
    2. "Like A Drug"
    3. "In My Arms"
    4. "Speakerphone"
    5. "Heart Beat Rock" (Benny Blanco Remix) [feat. MC Spank Rock]
    6. "The One"
    7. "Carried Away"
    8. "Stars"
    9. "Wow" (CSS Mix)
    10. "Cherry Bomb"
    11. "Rippin Up The Disco"
  6. Where can I find the new album thread chat? Thanks!
  7. What was "Magnetic Electric" (album)? Was an idea before X?
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  8. It was the original title for X.
  9. P__


    It was also on the tracklist but oddly removed last minute.
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  10. I wonder if it was replaced by another track or just removed.
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  11. Magnetic Electric is on the album though? One of the many bonus tracks.
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  12. Magnetic Electric is one of the few Kylie songs I really don’t like. It getting a spot on the anti tour always baffled me.

    Good album name though.
  13. Seeing as it was only released as a bonus in a few regions, I wouldn't really consider it "on the album."
  14. Any eventual deluxe edition for X is going to have such a killer disc 2. The 5 b-sides + the 3 bonus tracks + any leftovers they are willing to include? Gimme.
  15. P__


    It was on the standard edition and it originally was planned to be 14 tracks long with Magnetic Electric on it, so no track was removed in its place.
  16. It’s my favorite Kylie album, so I’d absolutely love it. I’m hoping the goodies included are “Sexual Gold”, “Ruffle My Feathers”, and “Lose Control” as well as The Freemasons edit of “The One” as that hasn’t been available physically. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a solo version of Christophe Willem’s re-do of “Sensitized” (doubt it exists but it would be cool to have the production of that and only Kylie’s vocals).
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  17. This is no joking matter.

    1. Like a Drug
    2. Speakerphone (single #2)
    3. In My Arms (single #1)
    4. Fall for You
    5. Lose Control
    6. Cherry Bomb
    7. Ruffle My Feathers
    8. Sensitized
    9. The One (single #4)
    10. Heart Beat Rock
    11. Wow (single #3 only because it's one the GP still remembers.)
    12. Stars
    13. No More Rain (I don't love it but Kylie fought for it so it can be tacked on at the end.)
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  18. Speakerphone as a single what are you smoking lads.
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  19. And this is why fans should have no say in how singles or album tracks are chosen.
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  20. I love No More Rain!
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