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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The 4 X singles are the correct ones, the order just needed to be shuffled and would have likely done wonders for her standing at the time.
  2. Island

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    Speakerphone is an iTunes exclusive/buzz single/pre-release track, but not a fully fledged single. Maybe give it a video and 1 promo performance.

    The GP most likely will not be doing the pop lock body rock.
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  3. Remove All I See and swap The One with 2 Hearts for me.
  4. Had Put Yourself in My Place on repeat today.

    Still my all time fave Kylie vocal moment.
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  5. To be fair, it was one of the only album tracks to chart on a Singles Chart from X (No. 87 on the Canadian Singles Chart).
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  6. I still think 2 Hearts is only rivalled by Some Kind Of Bliss and Word Is Out, as the "what were they thinking??!" in terms of being a lead single. Decent enough songs but don't feel lead status either. The other leads, are Kylie classics, even Into The Blue in it's own way.
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  7. “Into The Blue” made sense as it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Aphrodite.

    “2 Hearts” and “Some Kind Of Bliss” were mistakes.

    I forget “All I See” was a single and I live in the US!
  8. I was rewatching this today and just yes. The Spinning Around remix is so inspired, it’s a shame we never got studio versions of this tour. It needs to be your next mix @hawkings24 pls <3

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  9. This really and truly, goes off! One of her best ever tour sections and looks.
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  10. I’ve wanted a studio version of that Spinning Around mix for years
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  11. Yes, had a feeling that they would. At least still due to be airing all the same.
  12. I’m not sure Some Kind of Bliss was a mistake as such. I 100% understand the situation Deconstruction were in because nothing sounded like a single on that album. People maybe didn’t respond to “indie Kylie” but I really doubt they’d have liked dark tortured Kylie more, if Too Far or Limbo were singles.
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  13. The debut should have been a rocky yet poppy track a la Republica or Sneaker Pimps, left field but catchy.
    I still think Some Kind of Bliss would've done better with better / gayer artwork.
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  14. The studio shots of Kylie in the denim mini dress from the video would have made an excellent cover.
  15. Kylie doing trip-hop ala Sneaker Pimps would’ve been everything, Becoming X is an immaculate album.

    Also, I could see her kicking ass on something similar to the single remix of “Spin Spin Sugar”.

    As a lead, it could’ve been another “Confide In Me” moment.

    …or a major flop, I don’t know what the UK/Oz charts at that time were like, nn.
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  16. I don't see 2 Hearts as a mistake. The new album thread cointains pages of users complaining about safe Kylie. When she does not go safe and she risks with a different song, it's called a mistake.
    She tried something different. It wasn't a hit. But she tried, at least.
    Then, she obviously went to safe mode with Wow.
    Stars and Cosmic are still great tracks from X, even if I would have preferred a full orchestra like the one on The Kylie Show
  17. Limbo is Republica on a day off from the studio. It's so them it hurts.

    If she had wanted a second Confide-In-Me-moment-of-reverence, then Too Far would've been the lead.
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  18. HMD


    So true. I can’t believe how many times some Kylie topics are discussed on loop.
  19. I thought it was simpler than that from recollection. The Manics were so hot at the time, it was obvious that maximum exposure would come from releasing a James Dean Bradfield penned song. So they did.
    I also recollect Chris Evans hammering it on radio play and he made records hits then, Toploader, Texas etc.
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