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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. You can easily draw a straight line from each of the songs on IP to a particular song or artist that was popular in the mid to late 90s. And that’s not a bad thing.
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  2. Could anyone point me in the direction of the new album thread please!
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  5. I was bored and browsing old threads where I read that Kylie's first and only time scoring a No. 1 hit in the UK with a non-lead single was with "Tears On My Pillow." That's wild.
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  6. Unless you want to consider it the first single from 'The Delinquents' soundtrack.
  7. Ddd I love her cover of ‘Tears On My Pillow’ I don’t even care.
  8. Tears On My Pillow, had the help I guess it came out at the end of Kyliemania during those first two years of her music career and before she reinvented herself with Better Devil You Know and a January release. Being featured in The Delinquents was an added selling point too. Shame though it was her sole UK #1 for the whole of the 1990s.
  9. I love it as well
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  10. I will always resent that it got a spot on the Anti-Tour setlist. She didn't deserve that title.
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  11. Didn't she do it for her Dad as it's his favourite?
  12. These are my people
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  13. Yeah but he can also have a private performance for free at home every evening. He didn’t need to attend a rarities tour for it!
  14. It's one I have been working on for ages!
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  15. Random question about Do You Dare. There is NRG Mix and New Rave Mix but is there a 'normal' non-mix version?
  16. We are ready. Your mixes are always the best.

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  17. Do you mean an edit? If so:

    If you mean a more traditional song, no there isn't. There's a rumour it was recorded as one but never released.
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  18. Thanks. Yeah I meant more the latter - but I don't necessarily mean as a traditional song, I just mean more that it was released as B-sides but in two mixes which were clearly labelled as such, I just wondered if there was a version that didn't have a mix name in brackets by it!
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  19. I remember an ~insider~ referring to the “original” mix of Do You Dare as the “Garage Mix” during the era of the 2012 PWL re-issues/box sets and when the PWL archives went onto iTunes.

    I love Let’s Get To It but an album full of Do You Dares and Closers would be insane.
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  20. Apparently the original version of Do You Dare was more of a Chicago House track according to the liner notes of Let’s Get To It (deluxe).
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