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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. And that deal, has certainly benefited Kylie in the long run too.
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  2. W2K


    I'm not sure that's the case. If it was, Kylie would've been able to stop the Greatest Hits release with that awful cover in 2002, there would've been scope for more PWL hits to be included on Ultimate Kylie, Steve wouldn't have had to recreate songs from scratch as per the Showgirl Tour (in particular Better the Devil You Know).
  3. Hence we got prostitute Kylie.
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  4. I think Lets Get to It is similar to IP. Kylie using a selection of current music she liked at the time as a blue print, and with various degrees of subtlety, replicating them.
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  5. This is a really interesting way of viewing Let's Get To It. It was clear that Kylie was really into New Jack Swing around that time, which is reflected in the material. It is a shame that the material isn't stronger though and most of its best tracks were ignored when they decided on the singles. Thankfully, they released "Finer Feelings" as a single.
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  6. Give Me Just A Little More Time being a single and also the album's biggest hit, just feels so unfair.
  7. Yeah, I don’t think she got the rights to her PWL material until after those reissues a few years back.
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  8. That is correct, I should have put after a certain period of time she would get her back catalogue, I thought that was implied , the only thing she managed to stop with that greatest hits release was the cover, I believe it was around 2013/14 she recieved the rights as mentioned by Steve as he was finally able to use the original stems etc ,,also why they made it hard with the cash grab queen's jubilee greatest hits in 2012 ,,pwl wanted to get the most money before there time was up
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  9. Her covers with PWL did very well for her, so I imagine it was the safer bet.
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  10. Surprisingly, her cover outpeaked Chairmen Of The Board's original in the UK.
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  11. I am sure the gorgeous video helped.
  12. Oh yes, safest bet for sure considering how badly the album performed. Still a shame though.
  13. Especially when the sublime 'Finer Feeling' Single Remix didn't get the recognition it deserved. It was a template for what was to come.
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  14. Quick maths, if she renegotiated hear deal in early 1991, with a 25 year rights-back clause, then that would be placed for 2016 which is roughly about the point when KDB Pty took control of the digital singles and a year after the PWL boxsets were released - so that does track.
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  15. Back in 2005 I remember this...


    · $153,071 from "incorrect deduction" of discounts on Greatest Hits.
    · $49,711 for incorrect charges for packaging the Greatest Hits CDs.
    · $125,624 from royalties due but not paid under an agreement renegotiated in 1992.
    · $9318 unpaid because of faulty calculation of royalties on CDs.
    · $10,000 for unpaid "overseas royalties" (outside US, UK and Australia-NZ).
    · Unquantified "third-party" royalties.
    · Unspecified damages.
    · Interest and costs
  16. I was also being heavily used on an ad for watches (I think) on UK TV at the time.
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  17. It’s one of my favourites though…
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  18. What do you mean? Did she sue them?
  19. Yes that list is what she sued PAL Productions for. I don't know what the outcome was.
  20. Interesting. Which Greatest Hits was that about?
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