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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Interesting about Kylie and the PAL situation, wonder if ever was resolved.
  2. I think it would be the Greatest Hits 87-92 compilation - the one that she provided an alternative approved cover.

    It's platinum with 300,000 UK sales, and Darenote would have been expecting payments to be made from PWL/Jive for the accrued revenue from that album to be paid to them in Autumn 2003. That would then fuck up her P+L for the tax year to April 2004 filings and by the time legal processes would have been started would be around late 2004/early 2005.

    It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination for Uncle Pete to try and claim that he thought Kylie's royalty deals only covered the original 1992 Greatest Hits or something.
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  3. Uncle Pete wrote the article ?

    Yeah, sure...
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  4. Yeah that makes more sense
  5. The new version of Kids is a shade faster and it stops the chorus from dragging.

    Also, they were right to pretty much shelve Disco Symphony. It doesn’t live up to its potential.
  6. I decided to remix this b side from the UK #1 Hand On Your Heart. I took inspiration from another Kylie remix of Word Is Out (Summer Breeze Mix) by the legendary Tony King to give the track a whole new laid back feel. I hope you enjoy!

  7. The fact that it wasn’t #1 for 6 weeks is a PopInjustice.
  8. Finer Feelings did at least just miss the top 10 in the UK which whilst still of course plain wrong, at least it didn't even fail to make the top 60 like it did in Australia-madness!!
  9. This makes me love Word Is Out just a little bit more (if that's possible)

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  10. Kylie was very unpopular in Australia around 1991-92.

    Which makes Confide in Me going #1 and staying there for 4 weeks all the more impressive.
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  11. Can we have the Kylie + Garibay Sleepwalker EP on streaming, please? And not SoundCloud.

    Glow and Heartbreak are better than most of what ended up on Kiss Me Once.
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  12. My favourite Kylie song of all time. Phenomenal.
  13. Currently playing my playlist of her Parlophone singles between 2000-2014. What an run.
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  14. Flash 89 released a cover of "Slow"—his version titled "Dance With Me." I really like his take on the track, especially the production choices.

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  15. I added Secret (Take You Home) on my Parlophone Singles playlist on the technicality that it was a radio single in Taiwan.

    I was listening to Sleepwalker last night and Break This Heartbreak is top tier Kylie.

    Wasn't there a fourth track on the second Kylie + Garibay EP? Do we have any details on it?
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  16. This HAD to be a single.
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  17. Wasn’t it meant to be Chasing Ghosts?

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  18. Yes, it was called Wild Wild World and had Sean Paul on it. This is what The Headless Tory said:
  19. Kylie x Garibay remains one of the best things she’s done. I’d love to see her do another understated EP with a producer as a side project to her main albums.
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