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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Im still salty it wasn’t. And to make matters worse she didn’t even perform it live until the Anti Tour!
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  2. A full album with the Sleepwalker material from 2014/15, would have been something most welcome.
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  3. I’ve never seen this????!
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  4. It was filmed as a video interlude for the Kiss Me Once tour and was officially released on the DVD release of Kiss Me Once: Live At The SSE Hydro.
  5. Nor have I but she looks incredible.
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  6. I hate the production of Black and White on Kylie + Garibay. It's so tinny and there's this white noise that fights with the vocals. The other two are really good, though.
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  7. Throw some Ariel Rechtshaid in that mix.

    Something more noir and melancholy is something I’ve been craving for decades.
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  8. People complain about the production on Golden and Disco, but much of the Kylie + Garibay ep sounds like it was recorded under water.
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  9. It’s incredible to think that around that time Parlophone had no idea what to do with Kylie. So homophobic.
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  10. Completely agree. The verses of Black and White are gorgeous and do the whole lofi aesthetic well but the way it transitions to the chorus feels like a fanmade mash-up of two different tracks.
  11. Just watching Kylie At The BBC.

    How on earth were there only TEN years between Tears On My Pillow and Spinning Around??!
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  12. I know! Some good selections on this show actually so far.
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  13. I'm glad that the show was Parlophone-heavy but on the other hand I really wish we got that performance of What Do I Have To Do.
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  14. Yeah I wonder whether they just didn't know it existed, surely they would've shown it otherwise? Or maybe it's lost forever...

    There were also some Smash Hits performances I would've liked to see. A little too many newer performances I thought.
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  15. Yeah I presumed the producers of the show didn’t know it existed which is a shame.

    It really was a great showcase for all the different styles of music she’s ‘tried on’.

    The only bum note for me was including ‘Stop Me From Falling’ over ‘Say Something’.
  16. There was a slight oddity in they had to zoom the TOTP performance of Confide In Me as it had a letterbox effect applied on the 4:3 original.

    Shame we didn't get the Minogue Medley!
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  17. This still slaps. Though, it's bewildering (and a touch problematic?) that the male vocalist was never credited; he really makes the track.
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  18. I don’t think it’s ever been released officially. I’ve only seen the song on unofficial YouTube channels.

    I actually could do with him edited down like the rap bit in Chocolate was.
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  19. The first Kylie+Garibay EP was the best part of the KMO era, imagine how good the album could be if we save 4/5 songs from the album and add the Garibay tracks + Golden Boy.
    It would be amazing if she releases an EP in between albums to make the gap shorter.
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  20. Is this suit the one she's wearing on the album cover?
    I think it is?
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