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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. ‘Golden Boy’ is amazing. I was so glad when it popped up on some random compilation and I was finally able to stream it in HQ.
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  2. I believe it is the suit, yes.
  3. Golden Boy in a random compilation ??? Could you please tell me the name ? Can't find it on Discogs
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  5. Blew my mind when I realised that that suit is actually green, when it was displayed at the V&A.
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  6. Really did enjoy Kylie At The BBC last night, a showcase of her longevity and how many amazing and iconic singles she really has has over the decades. Shame no All The Lovers, Dancing or Magic, but least we got Stop Me From Falling-another modern day Kylie classic that.
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  7. I'm watching it now. It's all been great so far - but 2 Hearts really is a damp squib in her discography.
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  8. She looked great, but that was the only real miss in the whole of it I think.
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  9. That said, it's my 4th most played from X, so I can't dislike it all that much. It's just not a very exciting track, and not lead single material.
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  10. I was surprised Disco wasn’t represented at all given how big it was, but I guess she didn’t perform Say Something at all in the U.K. and the Magic performances weren’t great.
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  11. Would have liked Put Yourself In My Place included also, but guess that alas is really only a classic to us fans and not joe public.
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  12. The same compilation also features Dannii Minogues’s album bonus/hidden track, ‘Come and Get It!’

    Golden Boy is a cute song.
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  13. It’s an absolutely baffling choice for a big comeback single when the album was full of electro pop bangers. BUT- it still pops all the way off when you listen to it without the context behind it.
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  14. I agree with this take. 2 Hearts underperformed because it wasn’t what the record buying public wanted at the time. They wanted either pop Kylie (Wow) or post-cancer life-affirming introspection/euphoria. An album like Disco would probably have restored her to the top of the pop league table then. But hindsight’s always perfect, if not always helpful. I struggle to name an artist whose career choices has never faltered. But it’s also why comebacks and myth-building are special.
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  15. Not this conversation again...we literally had it a week ago.
  16. I don’t know why they were put off with In My Arms as the first single because it leaked. Maybe times were different but I don’t see how a file being shared between fans would have impacted its success much.
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  17. In My Arms always felt like it should and come have done better than reaching #10 when it was finally released.
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  18. I think 2003-2005 had a lot of underperforming lead singles where the tracks was known to have leaked well ahead of time, and I think for years the major labels were still running scared of that happening, despite the reality that it's connecting and selling outside of your fanbase is what makes a hit. I'm not entirely sure which 2008/2009 single finally disproved that notion.

    Possibly Lily Allen posting "The Fear" demo on her own socials two-three months before it was released for it still to hit #1 for a month might've been the turning point.
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  19. In My Arms is god tier. An incredible song and an incredible music video. That Gareth Pugh cheque catsuit and slicked back bob is *chef’s kiss*
  20. It’s odd to me that other Kish Mauve songs weren’t chosen over “2 Hearts”. “Lose Control” and “You Make Me Feel” screamed Kylie all the way.
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