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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. All three should’ve been in the album.
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  2. Kylie even co-wrote the latter!
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  3. Shall we talk about Body Language now?
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  4. Why shouldn't we talk about Body Language ?
    Let's start from...
  5. Kylie's aesthetic was such a serve during the Body Language era. I miss Kylie serving Balenciaga looks, but this dress specifically remains iconic.
  6. [​IMG]

    Forever an iconic and one of her all time best looks.
  7. 99% of the shoots for the Body Language era are stunning.
  8. Indeed, SO many looks



    I was constantly looking through the album booklet at all of these. My favourite Kylie look I think.
  9. For those who like the Emiliana Torrini tracks with Kylie, she's got a new song out which is in keeping with that minimal pop sound.

  10. She literally looks like she belongs on the set of James Bond.
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  11. Body Language is usually my favorite Kylie album. It's just so sleek and classy. And it holds up beautifully...thanks, in part, to its minimalism.
  12. Body Language, was my first Kylie album and so will always hold a special place in my heart for beginning my Kylie fandom almost 20 years ago now. But, that aside, it's just a solid album and will never tire of it.
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  13. Whatever came after Fever was always going to be the ugly sister, no matter what. :(

    Promises and Obsession are very good, Slo Motion is top tier. Chocolate is one of her best singles and it gets paid DUST. The video and the song feel chocolately, queen of confectionery. Trippin Me Up/On The Up/I'm Sorry are such good demos and I would've loved them on the album too.
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  14. The phases of the Kylie General thread

    Phase 1 - happy anniversary to *insert song/album/tour*
    Phase 2 - she released the wrong singles from *insert album, usually X*
    Phase 3 - Body Language is her worst album
    Phase 4 - Body Language is her best album
    Phase 5 - Yay! New album news!
    Phase 6 - Shut up! This is Kylie General!
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  15. You forgot: the [post Fever album] demos are better than the album tracks ! lol
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  16. Body Language wasn't my first Kylie album, but it was the first one I followed along online in real-time, so it's carved out a place in my heart. I was there in the morning ready for the premiere of "Slow" and was online the night when the album tracks eventually leaked, and watching the Money Can't Buy show and the EMA performance with the dodgy light-tube right through to the hot June monday morning where I picked up the "Chocolate" singles on the way home from a hookup and then got the Live DVD just in time for my annual leave fortnight.
  17. I think the Disco era has heralded a new phase which is the 'her lyrics are basic'.
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  18. Don’t forget the classic “no more Sky Adams” refrain.
  19. I’m just watching Kylie at the BBC and Confide in Me is on.

    If she were to do a dramatic reinvention for her next album, what would the 2023 equivalent of Confide In Me? Are there any more experimental genres/producers that are calling to Kylie?
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  20. For me, there's more to explore alongside the lines of Sleeping With The Enemy and Lost Without You.
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