Kylie Minogue

They/them, he/him
I think White Diamond, I Believe In You and Everything I Know are top tier.

White Diamond in its original Showgirl incarnation was amazing- but the piano ballad version is… a choice. I don’t really remember Everything I Know to be honest. And I Believe In You is okay- but it was surpassed and left in the dust by other similiar tracks in her canon such as The One and All The Lovers. I guess you can say “I Believe…” walked so the others could run?
Kylie... in Comeback Corner?

Kylie needs an entire album working solely with Jake and Babydaddy of ‘White Diamond’ (the original upbeat dance song), ‘I Believe in You’, ‘Crystalise’ and ‘Too Much’ are anything to go by. Heck, even the Nervo Girls track, ‘The Other Boys’ feat Jake and Kylie goes off!

Just imagine 12-15 tracks all in the same vein! All killer, no filler!
This thread in the Comeback Corner seems sacrilegious.

I think White Diamond, I Believe In You and Everything I Know are top tier.
“(Everything) I Know” is so gorgeous. A real shame it is rotting in the vault. Was it for the Ultimate Kylie sessions? “White Diamond” (original version) is also another song that should see the light of day. So odd the ballad version seems to the be definitive version. I really thought the K25/Anti-tour would get us a rarities compilation with these. Silly me!

Giving You Up was the superior Ultimate Kylie track in my opinion. One of her criminally overlooked singles! I don’t go back to often but when I do, it slaps.
I agree, it is such a rush. “I Believe In You” is stunning though but I have to be in the mood for it whereas as if “Giving You Up” comes on - I tend to leave it on.