Kylie Minogue


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Anyone listen to the Jazzi P interview from the This is Disco podcast?

It’s a great listen about how she got involved with Kylie and gave some insight on the Let’s Get To It Tour.
I long for the day she does a Rarities album:

Tbh, That’s Why They Write Love Songs could have been on Disco. If they wanted a transition period after Disco, songs like Love Songs and White Diamond would have been perfect.

If this is going to happen, it'a long way to go... new album next year, then tour, maybe new album reissue... A rarities album for #Kylie40 ? It's a 5 year wait
If you package up the new tracks and leaks from the Ultimate Kylie sessions as an EP/album, I think it’d be amongst her best ever releases.

I Believe In You
Everything I Know
Giving You Up
Made of Glass
Lovin’ You

Honestly, wig and iconic.

I’ve done the same but with Made of Glass as a closer and I Know as an opener. It’s such a brilliant collection of songs.

Side note but I think I might be the only one who prefers the ballad version of White Diamond. There’s something quite ominous about it that makes it feel like something more than just slowing down a song for emotion.