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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I’ve done the same but with Made of Glass as a closer and I Know as an opener. It’s such a brilliant collection of songs.

    Side note but I think I might be the only one who prefers the ballad version of White Diamond. There’s something quite ominous about it that makes it feel like something more than just slowing down a song for emotion.
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  2. It's been almost 16 years, and I still ache for an uptempo studio version.
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  3. This is the closest I think we have to a studio version:
  4. Add me to those who prefers the ballad version of White Diamond too. Has much more impact somehow. But either way, should have made X altogether.
  5. Ballad version of White Diamond all the way. It's gorgeous and needs to be on streaming.
  6. I’ve been listening to Peggy Gou’s remix of Head quite a bit over the last few days and… it’s really good? It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but the additional production flourishes are really well done and aren’t intrusive. I’ve added it to my 2022 bops playlist and it sounds divine alongside Jessie’s already iconic opus, Free Yourself, and the David Jackson Mix of SG Lewis’ Missing You.
  7. That HD remaster of the Some Kind of Bliss video looks like saturated trash.
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  8. RRS


    Nope! I adore it and don’t really care for the upbeat version. I think in ballad form its beautiful.
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  9. Here is my order -

    I Believe In You
    Giving You Up
    Lovin’ You
    Everything I Know
    Made of Glass
  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    She has an active thread in Pop & Justice for her upcoming album, so that means previous album threads are locked, and general discussion is defaulted here. Any active discussion not related to her new album is contained here, and any new threads created will be reviewed by the moderator team to ensure that conversation remains streamlined and not duplicated.

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  11. @Popjustice, please come out of your retirement home and do something about this.
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  12. The only edge the ballad version has over the uptempo version for me is that Kylie sings it in a more natural register. The high register is just too Jake Shears for my taste but I love the production too much compared to the piano arrangement.
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  13. Mine’s exactly that but with Everything I Know moved to the top as the opener. I Believe In You coming in right after a ballad hits so hard! I never appreciated that track when it first came out.
  14. I've never seen these BTS photos from the Breathe video. I love them!

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  15. Gorgeous!!! I truly love this song and the video for it too.
  16. I didn't recognize it as BTS of the Breathe, and thought it was some from the Disco photoshoot!
  17. Yeah they deffo put it through the disco filter!!
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  18. Nice HD upscale of the Breathe music video I think.
  19. Wow the Breathe video looks good in HD. So does Did It Again and Some Kind of Bliss which I’ve just spotted also had the HD treatment. I LOVE the Did It Again video. So funny, cheesy, clever.
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  20. I loved the BTS clips on her Insta story.
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