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Kylie Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I totally forgot about Free from the Intimate & Live album. Did she ever do a studio version of this? She says at the start of it on I&L that she wrote it 3 years earlier but hasn't recorded it.
  2. I remember reading that Kylie said that she never recorded a studio version of it, but I also remember someone saying that there is at least a demo of it that exists.
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  3. Steve Anderson, so presumably Kylie as well, considers the I&L recording to be the finished and final version.
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  4. She said she never recorded it, but the Headless Tory said he heard a rough studio demo of it.
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  5. As we are finally getting the vinyl editions in a few weeks there will be no need for any further vinyl reissues of IP but maybe for IP30 a super deluxe CD/DVD set will be released and if there are any demos or unreleased recordings from the IP era they can be included.
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  6. Who do we speak to to get Intimate & Live on streaming? I still have it on cd
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  7. Intimate & Live is on Spotify in Australia. Not sure about elsewhere in the world though.

  8. Copyright Mushroom Records. That means it's been uploaded to digital/streaming by Warner Music Australia, who bought her Australian label Festival Mushroom in 2005.

    Curious to as how her post-2000 releases are on KayDeeBee Pty rather than Warner, but anything pre-2000 is attached to Mushroom. Her Parlophone material must have been master-rights assigned to KDB for Australia/NZ, and then licensed to FMR and subsequently Warner Music after their acquisition.
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  9. Strange. In the UK and all I can play is The Locomotion
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  10. It's just pulling across the LP version from the first album.
  11. That would be incredible if ever were to happen. If only to get You're The One at long last!
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  12. I want to collect Kylie’s albums on vinyl. Should I wait in case she reissues all her albums? Maybe she’ll release a boxset.
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  14. SBK


    They've been sporadically reissued over the past few years... so unlikely to be a big day one onwards vinyl reissue campaign.
    We'll probably get body language, X and Aphrodite before we get the PWL albums again
  15. I mean I'd be shocked (by the power) too if asked to pick just one, someone told me that their favorite Kylie Minogue song is "Supernova." Like I can imagine someone picking it alongside several other songs, but picking "Supernova" specifically? I don't see it for her.
  16. Perhaps I missed the reasoning but why is this thread in the comeback corner when she is still very active in the music industry?
  17. All artist general discussion threads have been moved to Comeback Corner.
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  18. Until recently it was very easy to find the Cherry Red Records vinyl re-releases online still. I’m sure there will be the eventual re-releases over time.
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  19. Supernova is a top 15 Kylie song for me. But the sheer quality of her other songs is just so high.
  20. and they were picture discs, those PWL pressings need a reissue on 180 gram standard vinyl.
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