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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The Kylie Christmas campaign, really was done wrong. All the promo we got, was just covers and covers. The fantastic original material, never got a chance to shine.
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  2. I guess that the logic was performing the familiar standards would better sell the album and its concert tickets, but at the same time, it felt like no one involved believed in the original material. That being said, "100 Degrees" and "At Christmas" both received televised performances—the latter received two.
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  3. Speaking of Kylie Christmas, I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but I don't get why Kylie hasn't shot a MV for "Santa Baby," particularly during the Kylie Christmas era. It's wild that it's her highest charting single in the UK since "Into The Blue."
  4. Oh did they, I didn't remember that must admit.

  6. [​IMG]
    She did one during the Aphrodite era
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  7. It's a shame that the visual was shot for Love Magazine, thus preventing her from uploading the video onto her own YouTube channel—at least that's what I assume. I doubt that its absence is due to its low production value—Kylie does have the videos for "Your Disco Needs You" and "All I See" on her YouTube channel after all.
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  8. Every Day's Like Christmas is such a great original Christmas song and deserved so much more. It's a shame the video was taken down (although totally understandable).
  9. Only one of these was a UK televised performance, which is her home market and thus most important. She shoulda been on UK shows for all of December 2015 grifting "White December".
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  10. Honestly the Kylie Christmas was one of the best Kylie concerts I’ve been to, the atmosphere was incredible and the venue small enough to make it feel intimate. She should make it an annual thing.
  11. Or, screw Vegas, have a residency at the RAH!
  12. It’s a money spinner that didn’t need much promo. I don’t think they were aiming for chart success but rather something that will bring in money for years to come. Which it has.
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  13. That would be more fitting. Las Vegas seems so un-Kylie. She's classy and cultured and Las Vegas isn't!
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  14. Playing a Las Vegas residency is probably on Kylie's bucket list. Clearly Kylie is inspired by Las Vegas, which is evident in the aesthetic of the Intimate & Live, Showgirl and Les Folies tours.
  15. The most correct opinion. I don’t understand the thinking of doing covers. It basically tells the audience “there’s nothing here you haven’t heard in a hundred other Christmas albums”.

    White December had instant classic written all over it. From the first listen it sounded like an iconic Christmas song I’ve known for years.
  16. This truly is a perfect post and sums up my feelings exactly. If you aren't a die hard Kylie fan, you can always get those covers (as good as many of them are) elsewhere over and over. White December was robbed!
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  17. Isn't licensing easier and cheaper for the Christmas classics?
  18. For the original compositions, depends if the writer(s) is still alive and is a reasonable fellow or if they are dead, if their estates/living descendants are absolute parasites looking to maximise their meal ticket.

    For cover versions... I imagine most would be at the standard publishing company mechanical rates?
  19. I agree with this. I saw the second year and it was amazing. The Royal Albert Hall is such a beautiful venue. I remember there was talk it was going to be an annual thing but, of course, things change and life gets in the way.

    I think Kylie would do great in Vegas. I think she could play her biggest hits, but like a lot of singers, she might throw in some covers (she herself could already just keep The Locomotion and Dancing Queen).
  20. I'm the opposite. I hope that annual Christmas shows don't become a thing for Kylie until she decides to retire her popstar persona and go full heritage act.
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