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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I really need a X 3CD-R-sized leak of tracks from the Kiss Me Once sessions, tbh.
  2. I get it's a Christmas album but knowing the original Everybody's Free, they could have gone so much further with a dance sound, what we got sounds so watered down.
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  3. I said I would have a go at creating a longer mix but the backing track stems were all over the place sound wise so I made a whole new instrumental - inspired by her amazing b side Closer from the PWL era. It gives the track more of a 90s dance/rave sound. I hope y'all like what I have done here...

  4. I never really got why Everybody’s Free was even on the Christmas album. It isn’t a Christmas song nor is it one associated with Christmas like Only You is.
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  5. Wasn't it used in the Boots Christmas advert that year? A tenuous link but perhaps that's why.
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  6. I believe you're right. I visited London that year and remember the ads.

    Also, it was used in Bros this year. Perhaps the only good thing about that movie.

    I wish we got a full version.
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  7. I imagine the track was already planned for the album before its use in the Boots Christmas ad though. It just sticks out a little on there amongst a dozen or so songs with Christmas/winter/Santa etc in the title and two Christmas number 1s - then a random cover of a club classic!
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  8. This. I can't imagine that Kylie had a cover of "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" already sitting in the vaults that she gave Boots for their Christmas campaign. It makes more sense that it was recorded for Kylie Christmas, based on its arrangement, but it doesn't make much sense either because it's not exactly a Christmas song, as you've said.
  9. Maybe it was more the holiday advert was contracted during recording and since she knew the song was going to be used, just added it to the package.
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  10. Wasn’t there an article about how Boots dropped her version and then used a different singers version instead?
  11. Let's not forget it's been a bit of a trend to make a ballad/orchestral version of a more upbeat number all in the name of Christmas for a while now. Thanks to John Lewis etc.
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  12. I do love Kylie's version of Everybody's Free, just a shame it's so short!!
  13. I suspect Boots wanted an acoustic version of that song for their advert ala the John Lewis advert songs and they approached Kylie who couldn’t turn down that opportunity and chucked it on her Xmas album.
  14. Could Everybody's free been a Christmas hit in Australia in 1991? Remember, it's summer then and I can imagine it being a big song and bringing back memories of that year. @ohnoitisnathan will hopefully enlighten us!
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  15. Night Fever was included in the French Snow Queen edition and that seems like an odder inclusion.
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  16. It would be lovely to have a higher quality version of Waiting 4 The Sun at least. Still in shock that didn't make it to the album
  17. Kylie Christmas feels even more special and festive this year, as it's felt like the coldest December in the build up to Christmas for a long time. Perfect warming record.
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  18. It was a single for a French musical released back then no?
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  19. The outro to Magic makes the whole song. Sorry not sorry that I prefer it to Say Something.
  20. Magic, is a BOP and classic Kylie for me. Love.
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