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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. 'Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)' indeed was a Christmas hit... of sorts, in Australia, in 1991. Back then, we usually got things a couple of months after the UK/Europe, so the song was just starting to take off in December 1991. It was released here on 4 November 1991 (our charts were generally a lot slower paced than the UK's back then). Not that the Christmas chart means anything here, compared to the UK, but the single had climbed to #39 here on the last chart of 1991. It peaked at #11 in early February 1992.

    Though wasn't Kylie based in/living in the UK by 1991, anyway? So how would she have known what was happening in Oz in Xmas '91? Ddd.
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  2. You mean, it’s never too late.
  3. That song is the hidden gem of the album. I love how rough and melodramatic it sounds. It feels like she’s stumbling around her Christmas decorated living room, drunk on eggnog.
  4. Steve Anderson did a track by track of Kylie Christmas for a podcast recently and it sounded like that was the case.

    Part of me agrees it’s too short but it somehow works for me that it ends so abruptly. It’s more of an album outro than a closing track but ending it right when the song reaches its most uplifting, feels fleeting and poignant.
  5. Damn, I was hoping that the calendar would hint at the aesthetic for the upcoming era, but this cover isn't exactly giving anything.
  6. It’s giving weekend away at a nice hotel with my make up artist. She looks beautiful though and I’ve already ordered it.
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  7. I was hoping the calendar wouldn't be another bland affair. Shame. The last one was like catalogue shots put together.
  8. I'd had an official Kylie calendar every since since like 2006 and this is the first time I just....can't be bothered with it. She looks lovely of course but I miss when her calendar shots had a theme and were more than just nice shots in mainly ugly dresses.
    My Mum already got me a sexy firemen one anyway so I'm sorted.
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  9. I admit that the 2022 one, has probably been my least favourite yet. Hopefully this one is better although don't mind the cover personally.
  10. I’ve got the Car Parks of Great Britain 2023 calendar this year and it looks more interesting than this.
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  11. Of course I ordered the official calendar, as I have them all from 2001-2022. I think 2007 was my favourite

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  12. That first pic serving Twiggy.
  13. I loved that one! Madness it's almost 16 years ago now.
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  14. Rewatched Infinite Disco (for the 15th time) and I remain steadfast that Love at First Sight is her best song (Slow at a close second) and if she ever retires it from her shows, I’ll file a defamation lawsuit x
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  16. Every Day’s Like Christmas sounding great on radio 2 today, instantly turned my day in work from awful to less awful
  17. Always good to hear another Kylie Christmas song apart from Santa Baby played on the radio!!
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  18. I watched her 2015 Christmas show at the Albert Hall last night. I always forget how much I love it and what she created on a minimal stage layout.

    It really is a crying shame that lots of her Christmas songs get overlooked simply for her cover of Santa Baby. She has some classics could be staple holiday songs, similar to Buble, if people were more aware of them.
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  19. Still don't know why people don't like this
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