Kylie Minogue

Still love this song. Deserved much better than it's #11 chart placing. Even it's midweek #8 seems like a massive injustice!

Debuting at #17 the week before it rose to #11 can't have helped. Even allowing for Q4 sales figures being higher than summer that's still a bit of a marketing failure for DeCon/BMG, who must've spent all their promo money on launching M People's new album that month. That said, looking back at the release week and the week that it went to #11 both weeks are strong Top 10s with almost every song being genuinely massive - aside from the Pearl Jam single which was clearly a fanbase purchase. "Place" was the highest climber, so there is that.


The week after that Mariah, Celine and Boyzone stormed into the Top 10, and Kylie fell behind Cliff Richard's mad fanbase and Whigfield. Bad timing I guess, they shoulda held it back for January and took advantage of the post-Xmas lull.

I didn't buy singles until 1995, but I think if I had back then, I'd have looked at the four formats (well, three in Woolworths, who'd stopped selling 12" by then) and saw remix after remix and no b-sides I'd have probably gave it a miss, at least until it turned up in the bargain bin in February.
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