Kylie Minogue

I just discovered a copy of Let’s Get To It on vinyl that I had completely forgotten I had brought! Having a lovely early Friday evening listening to it.

The album is such a great vibe. I know it has plenty of vociferous detractors on here, but it’s one of my favourites. Literally the only dud (for me) is Live And Learn which spends its whole runtime meandering about and never going anywhere. But Right Here Right Now, the title track, Word Is Out, Too Much Of A Good Thing and Word Is Out are all top tier bops!

And I love how I Guess I Like It Like That pops off and Min is barely on it! The scammery!

Let's Get To It (LP) is a really strange one. As an overall package and album it doesn't quite hit and is quite forced and non organic.
Yet if you pick it apart it is stunning with some gorgeous pieces of work. Finer Feelings will be my babe of that album. Word Is Out hits. Right Here Right Now is a total bop. I Guess I Like It Like That slaps and a fantastic way to end the album. No World Without You is so simple and gorgeous. If You Were With Me Now is simply stunning, and we'll deserved top 5 UK hit. For the others I haven't mentioned they are all great in thier own way. I'm not actually a big lover of Give Me Just A Little More Time, despite being the biggest UK hit of this album.

True it's the LP that is quite possibly at the bottom of my Kylie league table. Yet I would never discount it. It truly deserves it's place in the awsome Kylie Discography!
Obviously one of the deleted scenes to this sketch to explain this plot hole would be that the Spinning Around video didn't feature the roller skating montage because it brings back too many bad memories for her.

My other plausible/humorous suggestions for her "briefly" dying.

- She got severe whiplash and entered into a coma from the "I Was Gonna Cancel" video editing.

- She fell to a temporary death when "Kiss Me Once" flopped so hard.

- She was cycling on her bike, and the pedestrians did not "Get Outta Her Way" despite her exclaims; she crashed into the "All the Lovers" body heap.

"Ghosts" is a funny, heartwarming sitcom from the Horrible History guys. Nothing groundbreaking but definitely humorous and worth watching if you can.