Kylie Minogue

The visuals for Body Language are just stunning. I loved the visual aesthetic of the album sleeve, Slow cover and the cover for RBW in the Slow dress is one of her best photos ever. It's just a shame the music wasn't at the same level.
in my top three Kylie albums. Along with the two deconstruction albums. No skips for me. The music felt effortlessly cool and like she wasn’t chasing a set trend. I know it’s a mixed bag but I do feel that somehow it works. I adore Someday I know it doesn’t get much love. I read a review stating that I Feel You sounds like a lost Basement Jaxx track which I can get on board with. D
In Body Language's booklet, it mentions that it "features an extract from "It's My House" by S. Buchanan and E. Buchanan courtesy of Emplestown Music," but it is strange that they're not credited in the songwriting credits.

Up til around 20 years ago, most samples or interpolations would be paid for via flat fee and a thank you credit somewhere in the album booklet. Getting a co-write credit for a sample was rarer, usually only happened if the sample was a significant one and/or the original publisher had a lot of clout. Since about 2013, almost every sample gets a defacto split of the royalties and a songwriting credit because every publisher is shit scared of a dead songwriters family looking for their next meal ticket and suing them for stealing vibes.
Body Language is uneven and there are definitely skips on the album, but the highs are very high. I think the album loses steam towards the end. Some of the bonus tracks and unreleased session tracks could have been replaced for a couple of the album tracks to make a stronger album. Slow is still the most genius moment in her discography, though.
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"Toxic" is the better song, but I don't think that it would've been the right song for Kylie or for Body Language.

I'd switch out "I Feel 4 U" for "Almost A Lover" and add "Cruise Control" onto the standard edition.
Bible Language is a fantastic record that, like Fever, is just effortlessly cool, although it’s far less camp than its predecessor. I can totally see why Kylie doesn’t look favorably on the record, but I wish she’d give more of the tracks (outside Slow) an outing. The visuals, the styling, the music…to me, it all fell into place for this record, and that included the remixes. Sure, the b-sides and unreleased tracks are delightful as well, but even the standard edition holds up very well. I'd perhaps only swap out After Dark for Slow Motion.

Personally, like with her other albums, I wish we'd gotten a deluxe edition. I use this in my iTunes as disc 2:
1. I'm Just Here for the Music
2. On the Up
3. Slow (Chemical Brothers Edit)
4. Red Blooded Woman (Whitey Mix Edit)
5. Chocolate (EMO Mix Edit)
6. Boombox
7. Cruise Control
8. City Games
9. Almost a Lover
10. Soul on Fire
11. You Make Me Feel
12. Slow Motion

Of course, you could just replace the remixes with My Image Unlimited, I'm Sorry, and Trippin' Me Up to make a completely new second album (which I have done before and titled it City Games). Now, if we could just get to hear Attention Seeker in full...
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I don't know if this is a popular opinion, unpopular opinion and a topic that no one has an opinion on, but "Boombox" only became listenable after it was remixed for consideration for X. The demo from the Body Language sounds like it would've worked on Body Language with its 80s funk vibe, but it's by far my least favorite iteration of the track.

I don't particularly care for the LA Riots Remix either and I'm confused as to why that was the mix that was commercially released, particularly because LA Riots decided to use the vocals from the backing vocalist instead of Kylie's during the bridge.

My favorite version is the DJ Rokk & Pixel82 Remix, which essentially strips the track of all of the elements from the Body Language demo and reimagines it as a spoken word track, delivering on Calvin Harris' promise of Kylie does Uffie.