Kylie Minogue

We possibly wouldn't have got 'All the lovers' were it not for her doing '2 hearts' so we'll give it that. It would have been better if she hadn't just re-vocalled the Kish Mauve version, that was lazy.
I think selling Impossible Princess with a lead single that best represented the album would have been (pardon the pun) impossible, because the whole album is so eclectic.
Breathe perhaps? Too Far/Limbo also seem representative.

As for 2 Hearts - I wonder if it would have been better received as a single during the Ultimate Kylie era (assuming the Kish Mauve original existed in 2004 before being released in 2005).

I like Word Is Out but as I posted somewhere else a while ago - the main version everywhere should have been the Summer Breeze Mix.
Some Kind Of Bliss is a sunny little bop though it does need a little trimming at the end.
This all time Kylie classic and one of the best comebacks of all time, is apparently 24 today:

Where on earth does time go??
24 years - wow! I remember where I worked my colleagues in the office thought Spinning Around was going to flop. remember being teased because I had the 'Kylie - Spinning Around' screensaver on my work PC. Was such a pop justice when it got to number one. The video helped as it definitely got the straight boys on board.
They/them, he/him
I don't care what anyone says, this sounds fantastic on a nice warm (and overdue) summers day:

Lead single status it was not, but an absolute feel good anthem all the same and a nice oddity in the Kylie back catalogue.

It works right up until they simply start repeating the chorus ad nauseum. It’s like they couldn’t make the latter half work and took the easy way out.