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Kylie - Showgirl Homecoming on Channel 4

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by poploz, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, just thought I would let everyone know.

    It's on next saturday (the 13th) at 10.10 on Channel 4.
  2. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    I'm not a fan of Kylie at all, but I may give this a viewing. See what all the fuss is about etc.

  3. If you don't know what the fuss is about after all these years.....
  4. I might give it a viewing too.

    Thanks for the info.
  5. Bit more info from the Sky Guide - it's a Melbourne show - so I'm guessing the one with Bono, the same as the CD
  6. Bono was in Sydney on the second night.

    It's the December 11th show and they're supposed to be editing Dannii in
  7. Thanks for correcting me, Voodoo Child, it said Melbourne so I kinda filled in the blanks...
  8. I am convelling, to me this really is a true 'comeback - the word is overused like Sharon Osbourne being interrupted mid-way through yet another "faaaabulous" when-in-doubt moments - but the exagerrated Cher-style costuming and make-up, despite looking like she had no other option, really show she wants back in (not that the door will ever be closed)

    The 2nd draw for me - besides the close-ups for scars and wrinkles, but that's for anyone on TV full stop - is of course Madamme Dannii, and now emerging as the more attractive of the 2, as it will be great to see her back with a budget on the biggest scale she might ever get.
  9. I went on Monday to see her and then i look in today's sun and it said that Dannii joined her on the Tuesday! I feel so gutted!!
  10. While I realise beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you're probably not being entirely serious, I hardly think comparing a recovering cancer patient with a seasoned Botox shake imbiber is the fairest contest, do you?
  11. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    Probably not, but Dannii was always the prettier Minogue to me.
  12. Well, thank goodness the pop arena isn't a beauty contest because if it were that girl from Tesco who looks like Pamela Anderson and does karaoke in the Feathers after a few Breezers would be edging better artists out of the chart.

    But yes, she is generally prettier.
  13. Looks are not everything are they? Talent matters too and Kylie is much more savvy than Dannii. Of course she is. Dannii is pretty though but she lacks a certain something that Kylie has...I don't know, Kylie allows her image to be played around with and she benefits from this whilst Dannii is just Dannii - Kylie's Sister.
  14. Exactly. I'm sure Dannii would forfeit a whole year of Botox just to have one eighth of Kylie's popularity, talent, business acumen and star quality.

    Sometimes people get the success they deserve.
  15. Ha ha. But Maureen, Dannii is the Queen of Clubs! Don't you know? She's really popular with Gay Clubs and seemingly Kylie would kill for that. Actually, that's crap isn't it? Kylie was voted #1 Gay Icon this week. Oh well. Sorry Dannii fans.
  16. So much for "editing Dannii" in. Unless they meant the bit with her in the audience.
  17. Well I am glad you realised I was kidding, because when you put it like that it is not quite what I was meaning. And they both pump themselves with more botox than most car tires have oxygen - before she even got cancer I even said on here her face could snap at any minute. I am sure if you cut either of them tartar sauce would spill out.

    Dannii simply won't crawl her way to Kylie's success and it isn't something I ever want to argue about; her 'Queen of clubs' title is of course a farce (Kelly Llorenna is now being called 'the REAL Queen of clubs' of all things) - it is just something positive to attach to a song or whatever. Pete Burns has said he does not define a 'hit' as being top 10, which is probably just as well, and that it is more about personal satisfaction.

    When I hear any of Dannii's 5 or 6 truly compelling songs I don't exactly lick a mirror framed with FHM cut-outs and say to myself "she is the Queen of clubs, darling".

    Once outside a real gay club an extremely large, unpleasant, upturned polo-shirt clad lady/possible-lesbian growled at me: "I'm friends with the gays, I know the gays, and you're the worst type of gay there is". After that triumphant moment, besides pushing her and stealing her taxi, I realised what a load of crap talk like that truly is. I even coined my big gay drag name off her when I hollered "move along, Dionne". And I did not even know about the gay icon thing - was it voted by Heat?
  18. I think its cos a lot of gay men would consider sleeping with Kylie.

    I know I would.
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