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Kylie:The Album, At 30

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jul 2, 2018.

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    The late 1980's, was truly the era of soapstar turned popstar. The huge success of Britain's homegrown EastEnders, had made several chart hits via the most unlikely of pop acts in the form of Angie Watts and Simon 'Wicksy' Wicks. However, it was via another soap achieving HUGE success on BBC1 that time, that would truly lead the way in becoming it's very own mini hit factory of Pop acts. That soap, was of course Neighbours, a small budget, cheaply imported Australian drama serial, that in the space of a year, had grown from it's humble origins to be perhaps THE biggest thing in British Television. And, it's biggest star AND who also led the way for her co-stars to follow in picking up a microphone, was of course Kylie Minogue aka tomboy mechanic Charlene Robinson....

    Well documented, Kylie's singing career would begin via accident, when in the Spring of 1987, Kylie and her fellow Neighbours cast mates, put on a performance in aid of a Football benefit concert. It went down so well, that the audience demanded an encore, and they would get one via Kylie's own suggestion of the Little Eva 1962 classic, The Loco-Motion. It went down a storm, and as fate would have it, music moguls that night from Mushroom records were also there that night, and told Kylie that she should make a single of it. More looking forward to the chance to make her very own music video if anything else, Kylie agreed. That cover (re titled as just Locomotion) would go on to be a #1 smash in Australia, topping the charts for 7 long weeks and wounding up as the best selling single by an a homegrown act of the entire 1980's.

    The song's huge success, naturally made Mushroom want a follow up. Locomotion had been produced by Mike Duffy, an engineer for the all conquering production team of Stock Aitken Waterman. By late 1987, they had already had huge hits via the likes of Bananarama, Mel and Kim and of course, Rick Astley, and Mushroom were determined to get the trio on board to help launch pad Kylie's own singing career internationally. Hugely busy, SAW took months to get on board, but in the end they agreed to help out, with Kylie and her newly assigned manager, Terry Blamey, making the trip up to London that October to work with the self confessed 'Hit Factory'. SAW were so busy in fact however, they forgot she was even coming! In the end, on the very last day of the visit, a song for Kylie was created, and likely convinced on the notion that Kylie 'should be so lucky' to work with the in demand trio during such a hetic time, I Should Be So Lucky was born in the space of just an hour max. With that, Kylie was on her way back home and it was not until teenagers flooded radio bosses lines asking when they could buy the new 'Charlene' single, that Stock Aitken Waterman would finally just how popular both Kylie and Neighbours were, and what a huge hit they could have on their hands....

    Not everyone thought so however. After being rejected by all major labels, I Should Be So Lucky was eventually brought out via Pete Waterman's own independent PWL label. A slow start saw it debut at just #90 after it's release on the 29th December 1987, but the showing of a home grown video of Kylie driving around in an open top car in Melbourne (thus giving time for the actual promo to be produced) on BBC1's flagship music show Top Of The Pops , would soon see it climb up the charts and eventually reach #1 on Valentines Day 1988 and remained there for 5 solid weeks-still Kylie's longest running #1 single.

    With I Should Be So Lucky a big hit both here and abroad (even #28 in the US Hot 100), it was no surprise that a full album would follow. Simply titled Kylie, it's 10 track set was recorded in blocks between February to May 1988, and prior it's release, spawned another big hit in Got To Be Certain (#2 UK, #1 AUS, May 1988).

    Kylie was eventually released on the 4th July 1988. A huge hit from the outset, it initially would debut at #2, before getting to #1 in August, staying there for 4 weeks and then enjoying another 2 weeks at the top in November. Kylie would stay on the UK album charts for well over a year and broke records in the process. Not only was it the UK's biggest selling album in1988, but it was the highest charting debut album by a young female (Kylie only 20 at the time), and a record that stayed until 2003. Boasted by other huge hits via an international cover release of The Loco-Motion (#2 UK, #3 US ,Aug 1988) and Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (#2 UK, #11 Aus, Oct 1988) plus outside release It's No Secret and Turn It Into Love, Kylie would go on to sell roughly 6 million copies worldwide, with 2 million in the UK alone, thus still remaining her all time biggest UK seller-yes, thus even eclipsing Fever!

    30 years on, Kylie is still here and creating music and chart records with another UK chart topping album via the form of Golden. Her debut album may not be the 'coolest' or most personal album of her long career, but Kylie remains a classic example of the perfection pop songwriting/production of Stock Aitken Waterman, and a fun, upbeat (not to mention, hugely successful!) start to the career of one of music's all time legends. For that alone, let's praise it upon it's Pearl anniversary.
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    UK #1 Aus: #2

    Album Advert:
  3. Such a fantastic album. I remember my older sister having it on vinyl in 88 when it came out. I wasn’t really into music then as was only 5 but wanted to be in her fan club at the time and did get to join.

    30 yrs on I still thoroughly enjoy this album it holds up well. It’s No Secret has always been my fave track.
  4. I’d love Kylie to give this album a nod on the next tour and perform some of the neglected classics from it alongside the Golden material. Full circle and all that!
  5. Oh, what a fabulous little album! One of my favourite debuts and records from Kylie, so fantastically cheesy and nostalgic. There's only a few duds (I'll Still Be Loving You and the vastly overrated Turn It Into Love), but the majority of the tracks stand up rather well. My Kylie playlist is:

    1. I Should Be So Lucky
    2. The Loco-Motion
    3. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Moi Non Plus 7" Mix)
    4. Made in Heaven
    5. It's No Secret
    6. Got to Be Certain
    7. Getting Closer
    8. Glad to Be Alive
    9. Look My Way
    10. Love at First Sight
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  6. I hadn't even listened to this album until last year yet I'm still celebrating this anniversary like I was there. So many good songs on this album. My favorite is Got To Be Certain
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  7. My birthday is the 9th of July so I had to wait until then so I could open it on my thirteenth birthday. I was also going away that day on holiday so I had recorded it to cassette on first listen readily to play on my Walkman whilst I was away. I think we have had many a reincarnation live over the years in her concerts - up until the Kiss Me Once 80's Medley, Particular favourites would be:

    - Got to Be Certain (Kylie Show & Kiss Me Once)
    -I Should Be So Lucky (Fever Tour & Intimate and Live)
    -Je Ne Sais (Showgirl)
    - Made in Heaven (Anti-Tour)
  8. Yes please to this! Been a long time coming. Kylie is full of so many gems.

  9. Rare performance of my personal Kylie favourite.
  10. And a FLAWLESS live vocal too
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  11. Yep, that too!
  12. When does she not serve flawless live vocals? Her voice is underrated
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  13. Indeed, she really needs much more respect for her vocals.
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  14. Her first live shows on the Hitman Roadshow weren’t great. It’s not that she couldn’t sing.....but put so much effort into the (at the time) demanding choreo her live vocals suffered. Hence this example of her just singing the song is a delight.

  15. The promos plus bonus footage, in one cute collection!
  16. This album is probably my least favourite of hers, by default more than anything.

    Lucky and Locomotion are so ubiquitous it’s hard to enjoy them as songs. They’re just like staples of pop culture that feel more than songs (if that makes sense).

    Got To Be Certain is a bop, probably my favourite song on the album. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi is lovely too. But beyond that there’s nothing I really go back to.

    If I’m honest, the rest kinda feels a bit fillery. I have no idea why Enjoy Yourself gets such a bad rep as it takes streamlines and improves on every aspect of her style infinitely. It’s got a clunker or two but it’s a much stronger collection.
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  17. Her first 2 albums contain her most filler songs. Which is understandable considering how quickly they were made and how little input she had
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