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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    93 vote(s)
  1. For me 'Your Love' has fallen at the right place, it's decent enough that it doesn't deserve to be down the bottom end, but it's not superior enough to make it up with the classics.
  2. Uno


    Err, I know I keep complaining about the eliminations but I am taking this one personally.

    Your Love (and Fragile) are both absolutely gorgeous songs and I listen to both a lot more than the singles. To be out before even the top 100 breaks my heart!
  3. That is a gorgeous cover, @P'NutButter!

    "Tightrope" is better than "Your Love," but I love them both so much, I wish they'd both made the final Fever tracklist.
  4. Your Love definitely comes as a shock exit - especially when the likes of Higher are still here! And as much as I love Impossible Princess, it could do with a shedding a couple more tracks now (is I Don't Need Anyone still in?)
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  5. The real hidden gem on Fever. Though I do worry for the title track, which is my personal favourite.
  6. As much as on paper Your Love shouldn't be a me song. It actually is and I think it's a little gem on Fever.
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    Your Love is fucking gorgeous.

  8. Your Love is a song I forget about entirely when I'm not listening to the album in full, but it's a pleasant little thing.
  9. Time for another 11 to leave now...


    Your Body (Feat Giorgio Moroder) 7.1

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 @madgemad
    10 x 7 @Sprockrooster, @OSHi, @SlowGinFizzzz, @mrdonut,
    @IntoTheBlue, @fatyoshi, @SophiaSophia
    Lowest Score: 1.5 x 1 @Aester

    @madgemad - 11 I remember the day I heard this for the first time, 10th September 2015. Giorgio's spoken word coloured me intrigued, and as soon as the "FEE FAH FO FASAH" (or whatever the hell it is) hit my ears, my jaw dropped. The synths are otherworldly, and her vocals are some of the best she has ever sounded on record - the pleading, the INTENSITY, the weird chord change on "I'm on FIIIIIIIRE." I totally see this song sung from the point of view of someone truly obsessed/possessed, and can imagine a very dramatic video - grey skies, rain, Kylie looking unstable, an outdoor pursuit, possibly both of them plunging towards their deaths at the end... ok I'll stop now. Not only my 11 of the Parlophone portion, but my favourite Kylie song of all time. High camp, high drama. Glorious.

    @mrdonut - 10 Every time I hear this, I want to ping my knickers off.
    @Sprockrooster - 10 I always feel so dirty after listening to this. Talk filth to me Giorgio. Take me to a high state Kylie.
    @hawkings24 - 9 The chorus goes on too long but still a bop.
    @M24 - 6 Baciami, stregami col tuo amore! I bop, it's better than Right Here Right Now.
    @Verandi - 4 The Italian intro is toe-curling when you understand every single word and you remember it's a granpa talking.
    @nanafan - 2 Doesn’t go anywhere. None of this EP is essential to me.

  11. Your Body is the correct first elimination from that EP, but a serve nonetheless.
  12. Uno


    Chasing Ghosts already left a while ago.
  13. Different EP.

    Gutting result but not surprising as I remember it doing badly last time when it was my 11.
  14. The boner shrinker of her discography. Goodbye.
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  15. No! How? The song is literally gorgeous??? I get that the intro might not be for everyone and drags on a bit, but the actual song? The lush production? The hypnotic energy? Kylie's incredible vocals? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! This is, like, top 50 material at least!
  16. Get that Top 43 Spanish HIT, miss Kylie.
  17. Well, this rate is proving that we all want very different things from Kylie. I find "Your Body" so genuinely irritating, it would have easily been one of the first five songs out for me. And I normally love anything having to do with Giorgio Moroder! I do like his intro, but as soon as the "FEE FAH FO FASAH" comes in, it's just instant headache for me.
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  18. Your Body and Talking Ghosts are my faves from each respective Garibay EPs. Oops @ me.
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  19. It's getting a bit messy with these eliminations.
    Both "Your Love" and "Your Body" (an ironic title pairing) received an 8 from me. The former is one of the better album tracks from "Fever" - I really like how mellow it sounds and the production is great, while the latter is my favourite song from the second Garibay EP. The intro of "Your Body" is very cringy, and once you get used to the effects, the rest of the song is pretty much excellent. While the production is still lacking a bit, it's easily one of the more intriguing moments in her later career and the seemingly chaotic vibe totally works for me. I particularly love the verses, but the chorus not too far, either. An interesting 11 choice.

    Needless to say, both songs deserved better - at least a top 100 placement.
  20. It's a bit sad that most of the time she steps out of her comfort zone, it's not particularly well received by her fans, which to a degree can also be seen in this rate (see: Your Body, Whistle, Mr. President, I Was Gonna Cancel, Skirt; as well as earlier examples such as Impossible Princess and Body Language).
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