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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    92 vote(s)
  1. That is a shock! And a disgrace! None of the remaining songs on Kiss Me Once or Golden should have beat "Never Too Late."
  2. Surrender is lush.
  3. @SlowGinFizzzz found shocked, confused, and having an identity crisis.

    Oh, I looove this version! The original can choke.
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  4. The abbey road version demonstrates what a beautiful song it is. Some people just don’t like the pwl stuff and that’s fine. I will forever carry my Stan card for that era. Pure joy
  5. Way too early for Never Too Late! Maybe not top 50 material but it could have lasted maybe more 10 positions.
    At this point I'm scared that the top 50 will probably not have more than 3-4 PWL songs.
    At least Impossible Princess is still holding up VERY well. which means that at some point there's going to be a huge cull from it
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  6. I've lost my favourite songs from two albums today - "Golden" and "Enjoy Yourself"
    Not a good day for me.

    Also, how many PWL songs are still in? Around seven?
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  7. It's about time "Surrender" left the rate. The production is lush and the song is pretty good, but a bit too boring for me. I think I slightly overscored it by giving it a 7.
    And I had absolutely no idea that the song was a cover!
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  8. Never Too Late - 10. This is my second favourite PWL song. The lovely opening strings, glorious piano chords, wistful backing vocals, yearning middle eight followed by the breakdown. Lyrics about someone desperate to convince their love to come back although they know it's wrong for them. It has everything I want in a pop song.
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  9. Wow, wow, that's just... wow. I honestly never really noticed how sad Never Too Late is until the Abbey Road version, because of how upbeat the original is and I guess cos I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Was hoping it would make the top 50, at least.
  10. "Music's Too Sad Without You" is a lovely ballad and the only true standout from "Golden". And even that received only an 8.5 from me, which justifies how inessential the album is to me. At least I'm glad it didn't flop.

    And "Never Too Late" is just excellent and easily the best song from "Enjoy Yourself" - an unexpectedly early cut, but at the same time, the PWL detractors had their impact, so I'm not too surprised.
    The 9.5 I gave it may seem a bit too much, but a total bop it remains. And the ballad version is really good, but somehow I prefer the original one, to my own surprise. "Hand on Your Heart" should've definitely left before it.

    Both of these tracks deserved to be at least 30 spots higher. Hopefully tomorrow some of the remaining clunkers leave.
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  11. If my calculations are correct, there are 9 PWL songs left.
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  12. That's right - I was just recalling without checking the list and forgot to include two of the "Rhythm of Love" singles.
    Nice to see "Never Too Late" reaching the #10 spot of that era, just as it did in the previous rate, even though I would much prefer to see it in the top 5.

    Speaking of the PWL songs, here's exactly what's still in per album.
    Kylie: I Should Be So Lucky, Turn it Into Love
    Enjoy Yourself: Hand on Your Heart
    Rhythm of Love: Better The Devil You Know, Step Back In Time, What Do I Have To Do?, Shocked, Things Can Only Get Better (the only remaining album track!)
    Let's Get to It: Finer Feelings

    Comparing the PWL top 10 to the previous rate, all of the songs are exactly the same, except that "What Kind Of Fool (Heard It All Before)" switched places with "Things Can Only Get Better".

    Honestly, out of these, I'm only rooting for "Turn it Into Love" and "Finer Feelings", but the rest all range from good to excellent.
  13. I only care for Step Back In Time and Finer Feelings teebs. I will never get the adoration for I Should Be So Lucky really, I get that it kickstarted her career and there's a good amount of nostalgia attached to it, but it's just so BAD.
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  14. "Never Too Late," like a lot of her PWL discography, is a great song marred by cheesy, of-its-time production.
  15. Strangely, it looks like Enjoy Yourself will be the first album to leave in its entirety, despite 90% of Let's Get To It being culled before the top 100.
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  16. Never Too Late is a fantastic pop song. A perfect way to end the 80's for Kylie single wise. #4 was way too low for it though back in the day.
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  17. I know that "Finer Feelings" is a fan favorite, but I don't know if I see it outperforming "Hand On Your Heart." That being said, even non-PWL fans seem to like "Finer Feelings," so you might be right.
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  18. I can't believe the PWL era is into single figures already...
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  19. The 11's keep coming...

    @hawkings24 - 10 It's a soft bop, so chilled but so unreal.
    @Ugly Beauty - 10 Oh yes this is some sublime bittersweet goodness.
    @MrJames - 10 This has always been one of my favourites on Fever yet strangely is one that I don’t listen to all that much. Almost as if I want to keep it special.
    @CasperFan - 8.5 Just love this-so wistful and gorgeous.
    @mrdonut - 8 Lovely.
    @M24 - 5.5 I can't decide if I like this one. I like the overall atmosphere of the track, but it feels like there's almost no melody, simply Kylie sing-talking that nonchorus.
    @Andsov - 5 I love her voice on this, but the melody is a little bland and the song is too sweet for me.
    @nanafan - 4 A bit of fluff filler. Would have preferred No Better Love to have made the cut.

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  20. How on earth is this masterpiece out already?!
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