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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    92 vote(s)
  1. The rate has reached the point where I feel positive about almost all of the remaining tracks. That being said, I'm not averse to kicking out the following songs: Things Can Only Get Better, Too Far, Limbo, Closer, Flower and Really Don't Like U. And Step Back In Time! Get ha out!
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  2. @hawkings24 - 10 Club banger
    @Untouchable Ace - 9.5 A bit too pitched, like much of the rest of the record, but just as beautiful.
    @Epic Chocolat - 8.5 The song gets better.
    @M24 - 8.5 It's awesome, it builds up so well to that chorus.

    @mrdonut - 7.5 I would really love this if it had different vocal direction.
    @nanafan - 6.5 I really liked this at the time but it’s not aged that well. Still a good track on a consistent album.
    @Andsov - 2 The verses are good, and the pre-chorus is very good. But the chorus is abysmal, and I really cant listen to the song beacuse of it.

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  3. NOT Cupid Bop! should've been top 50 at least, ya'll are wrong for this!
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  4. So many great songs are out already. There are actually a few duds remaining that should have been out a long time ago.
  5. This is how I feel about "Cupid Boy." I really loved it when Aphrodite came out, but it just doesn't thrill me like it did before.
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  6. I feel very attacked!
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  7. What a fantastic performance she gave of Cupid Boy on tour!
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  8. Cupid Boy - 9. My third favourite song on the album. Love the synths, all the different rhythms, it has a great build up and that chorus is euphoric.
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  9. Aw, I love Cupid Boy.
  10. Curious to see how the remaining title tracks will fare, which all range from good to amazing. Hoping they rank something like this (throwing in 'Dreams' and 'Slow' because of the album titles being in the lyrics):

    Slow > Kiss Me Once / Dreams > Light Years > Fever > Aphrodite / Golden

    Not sure this is a popular opinion nn.
  11. This has done well, I think...


    Some Kind of Bliss

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 @WhatKindOfKylie?, @SlowGinFizzzz, @maverick_79,
    @Andsov, @Phonetics Boy, @fatyoshi
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 @Gnuh Gnuh

    @Andsov - 10 As a lead single its useless, but Bliss is exceptional to me. I've had some of my very best moments to this song.
    @Untouchable Ace - 9 A forgotten contemporary single, we should adore.
    @M24 - 8 I quite like the chorus. It's definitely not her best single anyway. I think she should've led this album with Breathe.
    @CasperFan - 8 So under-rated (probably cos of it’s flop status) but I love it. Maybe not strong enough to launch the album but really as amazing as the album is it doesn’t have many songs that scream single.

    @Verandi - 7.5 I suppose everybody was expecting more after Confide In Me proved she could make great music. It… just sounds completely out of place on the album, weirdly enough.
    @nanafan - 8 The worst of the three singles was released first! I like the track but it's not a Kylie track and was too much of a departure. The single cover, video and track all don’t go together. Kylie looks fab in the video though. It's a good sing along record too
    @mrdonut - 8 Imagine though if the Manics had got their way and Kylie had guested on Little Baby Nothing. What an incredible moment that would have been; PWL era Kylie singing about the sexual exploitation and abuse of women. Bliss was a terrible choice for lead single but that doesn’t make it a terrible song in my book

    @hawkings24 - 7 It's just so repetitive.
    @Ugly Beauty - 7 This is not really bad but it's the weakest single of this era.
    @Hudweiser - 7 I can understand their rationale at the time, but thinking about it, I'm not sure what singles anyone could really pick from IP, maybe just Breathe as the obvious choice.

    *Just a bonus video

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  12. Always loved this. Just makes me wanna throw it on and drive out to the middle of nowhere.
  13. Some Kind Of Bliss is alright, it includes one of her best music videos though.
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  14. I’ve always loved Some Kind Of Bliss. Actually my favourite of the 4 singles. I still love playing it now when the suns out, driving with the windows down. So different for her yet she effortlessly pulls it off. Didn’t deserve it’s 22 placing. I remember it was top 10 in the radio 1 requests daily for a few weeks before it was released so was shocked. I remember it was right at the bottom of the singles in my local Our Price store. £3.99 and that cover just didn’t help. It’s a beautiful shot - I love that whole shoot but it didn’t work for that single. Limbo, maybe!

  15. It's strange how Confide In Me and Some Kind of Bliss don't represent their respective albums at all. Actually, Confide in Me sounds much more in line with Impossible Princess and the album's B-sides.
  16. That definitely did better than expected! I didn't even think it was still in the running
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  17. Lowkey my favourite Impossible Princess single and highkey my favourite Kylie video ever.
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  18. Maybe it was the idea at the beginning. Wasn't she pushing for Limbo to be the lead only for the label to switch the A-side with the B-side?
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  19. Yeah she wanted Limbo as the lead with that cover art but DeCon obviously vetoed it because it was "dark dark and hardcore" to represent the album, so they went with Some Kind of Bliss, kept the artwork and made Limbo the B-side
  20. "Cupid Boy" is excellent and yet another song that unfairly missed the top 50 placement. I thought it would do better for some reason. The verses are amazing, as well as the chorus. The production may be too busy and loud at some points, but the melodies are very strong. And I love the guitar riff - sounds very classic.
    It received a 9.5 from me and it would've been a 10 if there wasn't for that odd part just before the chorus ("You got it all sown up..."), which sounds very out of place and doesn't appeal to me.
    Anyways, the song remains in my "Aphrodite" trinity, along with "Closer" and "Illusion".

    I agree that "Some Kind of Bliss" is an extremely misleading lead single for that album, but it's not a bad song at all. It actually grew on me over time in all of its feelgood glory and I gave it an 8.
    It pairs well with "I Don't Need Anyone" (which should've been its B-side), but is far apart from the rest of the album. "Limbo" could've and should've been the lead single instead.

    And "Some Kind of Bliss" definitely surpassed my expectations, especially after seeing both "Drunk" and "Say Hey" fell before it, which wasn't the case in the previous rate. I guess it got eliminated exactly at the right time.
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