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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    92 vote(s)
  1. I want Slow or Love At First Sight to go but I know they won’t because they are vastly overrated on Popjustice.
  2. Wow, #12 is much better than what I anticipated in my wildest stan fantasies! Her eyebrows in the promo.. peak SexKylie as far as I'm concerned.
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  3. In Your Eyes and All The Lovers are great but I gave them both a 9 while the rest are a 10 or higher so going by that they should evacuate next.
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  4. In Your Eyes is a top 1 Kylie song, change my mind.

    It SHOULD NOT be leaving before the top 10. but i lowkey have a feeling it's the next elimination
  5. I know Its_not_realistic.gif, but In Your Eyes should be the last Fever single leaving.
  6. "In Your Eyes" is among my very favourite discoveries of this rate and I would've ideally put it in the top 3 out of the remaining songs (basically below my two remaining 11's).
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  7. this, this and then a bit more of this
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  8. So, just missing out on the top 10 is...

    @hawkings24 - 11 This song just never fails me, everything is just so right about this song, and it's autotune done right.
    @Sprockrooster - 10 The song that made me a Kylie a stan. Still so damn good. Kylie really started of the millenium with banging pop.
    @M24 - 9.5 This is like my favorite song off this album. The verses are pure sensuality, and the chorus is so catchy! I feel like I say that with almost all of Kylie's songs xD but this one seems even more special than the rest. I don't know how to describe it.
    @nanafan - 9 Great follow up and good record. Love the Spinning Around reference and the current live mix is amazing!

    @Ugly Beauty - 9 That Spinning Around it when popstars reference their songs in their lyrics.
    @Hudweiser - 8 There's a really good white label mix of this which pivots around sampling the pre-chorus ("oooh is the world still spinning around?"). It's so very good.
    @Verandi - 7.5 The weaker single from the album but she's still a cute girl. Painfully dated but enjoyable!
    @mrdonut - 7 Disappointingly, the chorus is the song’s weakest moment.
    @CasperFan - 7 Not a huge favourite. Find it a little boring, the chorus just lacks something melodically. Great production though, which saves it somewhat.

  9. I thought I Believe In You was a potential winner here so I'm surprised at it leaving in 13th place.
  10. Welp. We jinxed it.
  11. Well, it's over, y'all tanked it, goodbye
  12. I just realized that, with the elimination of "In Your Eyes", I no longer have any 10's left in this rate.
    Only two of my 11's for the Deconstruction and Parlophone eras remain, so let me root for them.
  13. I don't know what it is about In Your Eyes that just gets me, I never actually realised how much I loved it until she brought it back at the Golden Tour, it's just ... perfect.

    At least all of my 11s made the top 20, and one of them made the top 10
  14. I think if I remember right I had 2 9s left (one of them being In Your Eyes) and the rest are 10s and 2 x 11s so this is ideal for me really.

    That doesn’t take away the fact that this is a bloody BRILLIANT song. And a worthy follow up from Head. That Kylie ring in the video, the call back to Spinning Around, the vocoder. It’s all just sublime and effortlessly cool! Can’t believe we are at the top 10.

    my wish list for the top 10:

    10. Slow
    9. Put Yourself In My Place
    8. Get Out Of My Way
    7. The One
    6. All The Lovers
    5. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
    4. Love At First Sight
    3. On A Night Like This
    2. Confide In Me
    1. Better The Devil You Know
  15. It'll be between Better the Devil You Know and Confide in Me for #1 I think. Can't Get You Out Of My Head will be nearer the bottom half of the top 10 and I think I'll be highly unlucky and Put Yourself in My Place will be the next elimination
  16. I almost gave "In Your Eyes" my Parlophone 11, but I figured it had no shot of winning. Now I wish I had done it anyway, as I find the last minute of the song the most exhilarating thing in her discography. I never, ever get tired of it.

    I guess I'll just be happy it did better than last time!
  17. Uno


    The One, Confide In Me, and Better the Devil You Know would be my dream top 3.
  18. I’ve changed my mind already. That’s how good all of these songs are.
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  19. An acceptable top3 contains songs from this list

    Get Outta My Way
    The One
    Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
    Love At First Sight
    Confide In Me

    Sorry I don't make the rules x
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  20. Easily my favorite Fever single, and one of the best songs / videos of her career in general right there. I was always taken by the sheer nerve of Kylie self-referencing her own hit, and only a year after the fact too. I only wish they'd left 'destiny' as ecstasy.

    All of that said, at least this way PWL got a representative in the top ten so I'm happy about that. Speaking of...

    In a perfect world:

    10. Get Outta My Way
    9. On a Night Like This
    8. The One
    7. All The Lovers
    6. Love at First Sight
    5. Can't Get You Out of My Head
    4. Better the Devil You Know
    3. Slow
    2. Confide in Me
    1. Put Yourself in My Place
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