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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    93 vote(s)
  1. In conclusion, we stan Kiss Me Once.
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  2. Get outta my way is just one of those songs that you don't think is that great, just a bop. But then you find yourself playing it over and over again. It's a going out song, it's a song you need to give you drive and so on.
  3. M24


    You're right, thanks! A total slip up from me, I've already edited the post. And I agree on Illusion (8.5 from me) and Promises (7.5), they're on my top ten album tracks. Loving Days is far from a favorite of mine (5) though. I could add Speakerphone to those as it's pretty good too (and I think it barely missed out on the top ten both times).
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  4. So, finishing in third place is...

    @Verandi - 11 I'm at the point where I'm pretty much sure this is one of the greatest pop songs ever made. Delivery, production, melody, THAT double chorus, the video: a complete package. A song that deserves to be studied and dissected to fully understand HOW it was made and how it is SO DAMN GOOD. There's something about it that makes me love it more and more as time passes by, which is rare with bangers in general; there's an element of timelessness to it that I cannot quite explain. On one hand, it never really sounded like innovative stuff from the future etc, on the other though it never sounded dated or desperate or try hard. It just happens to be an incredible pop song, which is something many pop girls would still sell their Nan for. Underrated single.

    @Ana Raquel - 11 I could use all the gifs and all the words in the world and I couldn't explain my love for this song. I think I don't even know why I love this song so much. The thing is: I do. Ever since the moment it has been released, I've been obsessed by it and it was something that never lost its sparkle. If perfection does not exist, this is the closest from it pop music has seen. Not only it is my favorite song of Kylie's, but it's also my favorite song of all time. Thank you for this gem.
    @Reboot - 11 A bop. It’s so euphoric! Perhaps choosing this song for my 11 is a controversial choice what with the other choices on offer from this era, but I just love it a lot.

    @Hudweiser - 10 Classic Kylie - how did it only get to #12? I remember listening to this incessantly on a trip in Malaysia, it was so so uplifting.
    @nanafan - 10 I loved this when I first heard the album and how it wasn’t Top 5 is a mystery (well I blame Parlophone). So glad it’s become a tour staple and a classic. The chairs are iconic.
    @KingBruno - 10 Even at a time where pop was really thriving as a genre, Kylie still managed to stand head and shoulders above the rest with “Get Outta My Way”.
    @mrdonut - 10 Everything about this just works so well, I’m so glad Spotify is revealing how loved this song is compared to the single’s physical sales. The production in the verses evokes Devil in a new century which is pretty much my ideal. Always sounds fantastic on a dance floor.

    @hawkings24 - 10 This absolute banger, deserved to be the lead single and to be #1. It's SO good, and was a fierce contended for my 11. I will never tire of this song until the day I die.
    @Andsov - 10 I used to think Get Outta My Way was just OK, but a few years ago it really clicked with me. I also think Kylie (finally) nailed it live at the 2019 summer shows.
    @MrJames - 10 An unrelenting banger. A pop masterpiece.
    @CasperFan - 10 I love the 1-2 punch of the amazing chorus, it was done wrong only reaching no.12 but I guess things were changing at this point in her career.

    @M24 - 10 I remember this captivated me on my first listen when I first delved into Kylie's singles discography over a year ago. I checked the Wiki page and I was surprised it wasn't a lead single and that some critics didn't like it. So it made me really happy to read it's the forum's favorite and last Kylie rate's 2nd place. Easy 10.
    @Untouchable Ace - 10 Of course I considered elevening her best song of the 2010's. Every poppette was after this pop sugar rush and to get this she had to release it as a single. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE LEAD SINGLE.

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  6. An absolutely incredible song! Even with this Top 2 - Kylie is still winning! Both Pop Perfection!

  7. [​IMG]



    Winner revealed tomorrow!
  8. If Confide In Me doesn't win, I WILL riot and you all know it.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. That was a bit predictable, since "Better the Devil You Know" and "Confide in Me" both benefited from having more 11's.

    I'm bitter that "Get Outta My Way" surpassed "Can't Get You Out of My Head" by only 1.5 point or so, hehe.
    It's hardly a career highlight for me, unfortunately, yet I still gave it a 9, becuase it's an excellent song.

    The top 3 out of the remaining songs should've been like this:
    1. Confide in Me
    2. Get Outta My Way
    3. Better the Devil You Know

    Anyways, I'm team "Confide in Me" all the way!

    not everyone has the power of releasing the greatest song of all time and top 3 is more than deserved still should have won

    both of the top 2 are 10s to me, but I prefer Confide in Me and I'll be Kylie Minogue - Shocked.mp3 if it loses. This rate is full of surprises though.
  12. M24


    I'm proud of Get Outta My Way! Everyone who cared to comment gave it a 10 (or 11), not everybody has that!

    Also, I loved that Aphrodite artwork, @P'NutButter! I'm sad it didn't manage to edge out Fever's average though. If I'm not wrong, album placements so far are (in order) Fever, Aphrodite and Impossible Princess, right? I hope it stays that way tomorrow too because those were my three highest-scored albums (I don't even know if it's mathematically possible for Rhythm of Love or KM94 to get in that podium).

    I can't wait for the finale tomorrow! I think I'll be rooting for Better the Devil You Know, as it seems like the underdog in this particular face-off, and it'd be ironic if a PWL song won the rate after songs from that era were the first to be booted. Anyway, I wouldn't mind Confide in Me winning either, it placed #2 on the combined rate of 2015-2016 (losing to Better the Devil) so this could be its time to shine.

    Regardless, it'll be a worthy winner whichever one it is!
  13. Get Outta My Way is a great song but I wouldn’t say it’s the best of her Parlophone tracks.

    Rooting for Confide In Me to take the crown!
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  14. The most nerve wrecking finale I've ever seen on PJ. Y'all really did a stunt, I appreciate the effort.

    I'm team Timeless Song.
  15. A predictable top two, but I can't complain about having two tens face off, especially when they both got my 11s in the 2015 rates. I only went a different direction this time because I was sure they wouldn't need my help and "Turn It Into Love" and "Say Hey" would. I was right about that!
  16. I mean it was obvious that Get Outta My Way wasn't gonna be top 2, but I lowkey (highkey) wish it had pulled a shocker and won the whole thing. I was so very close to giving it my Parlophone 11, alas we will never know!
  17. oh my god I forgot to plug myself again at the exit of Head, here's the studio version of the remix she was doing lately

  18. Get Outta My Way - 10. This song has one of the best Kylie choruses ever.

    Now I have a 9 and a 10 left.
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  19. I'm glad Can't Get You made it as far as it did. I thought some people might low score it because it winning would be ''ugh too obvious'' or feeling the song is overplayed. But it's an all time classic for a reason.

    Get Outta My Way is easily one of best of the last 10 years and never loses any of its shine.

    As for the top 2, both songs are iconic but I have no choice but to root for Confide In Me.
  20. How many more 11s did 'Get Outta My Way' need to win?
    Because myself @hawkings24 & @berserkboi were very close. Who else?
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