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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    93 vote(s)
  1. So many great contenders that's for sure.
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  2. Is part 2 gonna be B-sides, bonus tracks etc. only? Or also unreleased songs?
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  3. Unreleased songs will be in Part.3 "Anti Rate".
  4. I know what my 11 is for that as well.
  5. When does part 2 start?
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  6. October, the exact date will be known soon.
  7. M24


    Thank you so much!! Now I can run some stats on my free time to know how much my ballot differed from the average (probably a lot ddd).

    By the way, do you have a list of what we're rating on part 2 already? I'm craving for new Kylie music so this is a good opportunity to gain familiarity with the tracks before the rate actually begins.

    Oh, I missed my window of opportunity to ask this, so apologies for that... but does anyone know where I can get the Freemasons remix in its edited form, legally? Spotify doesn't have it, and neither do Amazon or iTunes in my region. Since it never had a physical release... I don't know where I can find it other than a lq youtube rip. Does anyone know?

    I'd missed the opportunity to ask this before
  8. Glad all of you already know Tightrope will be your 11 for Part 2, unless of course Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head shows up - then it gets divided 50/50 obviously ;)
  9. My part two 11 is probably going to be a Deconstruction track, and my part three 11 is definitely going to be a Kiss Me Once outtake hehe.
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  10. Glad To Be Alive
    Getting Closer
    Made In Heaven
    All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine
    Just Wanna Love You
    We Know The Meaning Of Love
    I Am The One For You
    Say The Word - I'll Be There
    Do You Dare?

    Nothing Can Stop Us
    Love Is Waiting
    If You Don't Love Me
    Gotta Move On
    Difficult By Design
    Dangerous Overture

    This Girl

    Love Takes Over Me
    Stay This Way
    Take Me With You

    Dancing Queen (Live)
    The Reflex (Ben Lee & Kylie)
    The Real Thing

    In Denial (Pet Shop Boys Feat. Kylie)

    Paper Dolls
    Cover Me With Kisses
    Ocean Blue
    Good Life

    Bury Me Deep In Love (With Jimmy Little)

    Rendezvous At Sunset
    Good Like That
    Never Spoken
    Whenever You Feel Like It

    G-House Project (Gerling Feat. Kylie)

    Soul On Fire
    Almost A Lover
    You Make Me Feel
    Slo Motion
    Cruise Control
    City Games

    Made Of Glass

    Lhuna (Coldplay & Kylie)

    Over The Rainbow (Live)
    Sometime Samurai (With Towa Tei)
    I Talk Too Much (Just Jack Feat. Kylie)

    White Diamond (Ballad Version)
    Rippin' Up The Disco
    Magnetic Electric
    King Or Queen
    I Don't Know What It Is
    Cherry Bomb
    Do It Again
    Carried Away

    Love Is The Drug
    Boombox (LA Riots Mix)

    Monkey Man (The Wiggles With Kylie)

    The Magic Roundabout

    Go Hard Or Go Home
    Mighty Rivers

    Devotion (Hurts Feat. Kylie)
    Chiggy Wiggy (Akshay Feat Kylie)

    Wonderful Life (Radio 1 Live Lounge)
    The Winner Takes It All (With Dannii Minogue)
    We Are One (With Verbal)
    The Other Boys (With Nervo, Jake Shears etc)


    Golden Boy

    Bette Davis Eyes
    Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (With Jools Holland)
    Crave You [reprise] (Flight Facilities Feat. Kylie)

    100 Degrees (It's Still Disco To me)

    Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix)

    Aston Martin
    For All I'm Worth
    Living For Your Loving (And I'm Feeling Fine)
    Our Lovin' (The Light I was Looking For)
    At The End Of The Day
    Love Is On The Line
    You're The One
    Free (Live)

    Always & Forever

    Feels So Good
    No Better
    So High
    Alone Again

    I'm Just Here For The Music
    On The Up
    I'm Sorry
    My Image Unlimited
    Trippin' Me Up

    Drip Drop

    (Everything) I Know
    Loving You

    White Diamond (Live)

    You Are There
    Try Your Wings
    Made In Heaven (Ballad Version)
    Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

    Down Down
    Sexual Gold
    When The Song Comes On
    My Love Is Real
    Classical Transit
    I Can't Help That
    Acid Min
    Simple Boy
    What's It Gonna Take
    Fall For You
    Right Here, Right Now
    Ruffle My Feathers (Everlasting Love)
    Like Love
    You Make Me Feel
    Love Attack (So Safe)
    Extraordinary Day (Taprobane)
    Something To Believe In
    Come Down
    You're Hot
    Lose Control
    I'm In The Mood For Love
    Spell Of Desire
    Survival (I'm Ready)
    That's Why They Write Love Songs (Live)

    Love Love Love (Broken Hearted)
    Change Your Mind

    There Must Be An Angel (Live)

    Who Were We

    Sugar High
    Waiting 4 The Sun

    Need You Tonight (Live)

    Off With His Shirt (From Galavant)
    Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (From Swinging Safari)

    Blue Velvet (Live)
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  11. Poor "Monkey Man" being the first elimination from Part 2.
  12. That list is pretty much excellent give a take a couple.
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  13. Wonderful rate, thank you @P'NutButter!

    One small thing - am I being blind or has Crystallize been missed off the forthcoming rate?
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  14. WAIT how could I forget about Skirt? Maybe picking my 11 for part two will be harder than I thought, after all.
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  15. Tightrope, Made of Glass and Cherry Bomb will be 11 contenders for Part 2.
  16. All the 11's in this first part:

    Confide In Me 11 x 25
    Better The Devil You Know 11 x 17
    Put Yourself In My Place 11 x 16
    What Do I Have To Do 11 x 11
    Love At First Sight 11 x 10
    Breathe 11 x 8
    Slow 11 x 8
    All The Lovers 11 x 7
    Turn It Into Love 11 x 6
    Hand On Your Heart 11 x 6
    Shocked 11 x 6
    Finer Feelings 11 x 5
    Your Disco Needs You 11 x 5
    Things Can Only Get Better 11 x 4
    The One 11 x 4
    Get Outta My Way 11 x 4
    Step Back In Time 11 x 3
    Too Far 11 x 3
    Cowboy Style 11 x 3
    Say Hey 11 x 3
    Red Blooded Woman 11 x 3
    Chocolate 11 x 3
    I Believe In You 11 x 3
    Never Too Late 11 x 2
    Where Is The Feeling? (BIR Dolphin Mix) 11 x 2
    Dreams 11 x 2
    Light Years 11 x 2
    Wow 11 x 2
    Timebomb 11 x 2
    Can't Get You Out Of My Head 11 x 2
    Fragile 11 x 2
    Come Into My World 11 x 2
    Loco-motion 11 x 1
    Got To Be Certain 11 x 1
    The World Still Turns 11 x 1
    What Kind Of Fool (Heard It All Before) 11 x 1
    Where Is The Feeling? (Album Version) 11 x 1
    Did It Again 11 x 1
    Limbo 11 x 1
    Spinning Around 11 x 1
    Disco Down 11 x 1
    Please Stay 11 x 1
    In Your Eyes 11 x 1
    Love Affair 11 x 1
    Can't Beat The Feeling 11 x 1
    Kiss Me Once 11 x 1
    Glow 11 x 1
    Your Body (Feat Giorgio Moroder) 11 x 1
    Dancing 11 x 1
    Stop Me From Falling 11 x 1

    The main difference had the three 11's option not been available would be that a lot of the tracks that received the one 11 would've been a place or two lower, while 'Put Yourself In My Place' would've been a bit lower as the middling scores were dragging it's average down.
  17. Just catching up on all the results. What Do I Have To Do didn’t make the top ten... what?

    This woman’s discography is so extraordinary that almost any of the top twenty would be a worthy winner.

    Thank you @P’NutButter for another rate very well done.
  18. (I know the rate is done but posting anyway...)

    The 'Let's Get to It' results video is live!

    Voting is open for 'Kylie Minogue', read the rules and cast your votes here
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  19. What I'll do before the second part of the rate opens is get familiar with her B-sides and rarities.
    I already started with her debut album B-sides a few weeks ago (and listened to a few "X" bonus tracks by accident while listening the album for this rate), but didn't make much progress since. I guess it's time to start.

    And I'm sure @Verandi and @SlowGinFizzzz are happy that there are only 10 songs from PWL era in that rate.
  20. 10 songs? That's still, like, an entire album... Do I really want to do this to myself?
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