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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    92 vote(s)
  1. I was planning on rating the Xmas album, but I'm gonna cancel. I'm not even halfway through, the ending is nowhere in sight.
  2. X does have a fantastic selection of tracks all round that era. But the lack of cohesion, always is a sore point for me must admit.
  3. I've read the first couple of pages of this thread trying to find the answer before I dive deep into scoring - are decimals allowed?
  4. Depends on the album. When rating tracks from Impossible Princess, Body Language and Kiss Me Once, you are legally required to ALWAYS round up to the next higher number; for other albums, decimals should be fine.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Oh X, the ever changing and scrambling track listing Popjustice classic...

    It's definitely hit and miss, but surprisingly most of it is good. Yes, good!

    Let's start with the very good...

    'The One' is a masterpiece. From the first time I heard it I knew it would end up a favourite and it should have been a humongous smash but the fact it made the greatest hits collection in 2019 I think cements it's status as an absolute pop classic, 10.

    The two album tracks 'Like A Drug' and 'Sensitized' are both 10's and were instant highlights for me, the latter especially could be my favourite song on this album. I love the sample and I adore Kylie's vocal, it's quite sexy. Actually the same could be said about 'Like A Drug', Kylie's orgasmic moaning appearing (again) as the hook in this dark, synth-heavy piece of pop goodness, the tour version was insanely brilliant too!

    The singles were mostly great, the first single release from X '2 Hearts' (8) I think gets a bad rap sometimes because it didn't kick the era off in the way people expected, but it was an intriguing new sound for Kylie and I still like it. My only issue is, it's too short. This version >>>
    Speaking of lead releases, it's a shame 'In My Arms' (8.5) leaked and wrecked the original plans (for it to be the lead single) as I think it would've made a bigger impact as the first single release from X, Calvin Harris and Kylie were a hit/miss combo though and I'll speak more on that later...

    Poor 'Wow' (7) really does get the shit kicked out of it by the fans these days, which I can't moan about as I've done it myself, but I can't hate it too much as the general public view it as a "Kylie classic"... it's still a Kylie-by-numbers type of track but it's okay. Also, it's "spells out desire", not "smells of desire" even though Kylie started singing that on recent tours... what does desire even smell like ffs?!! (Don't answer that.)

    Two more gems on this album are the hugely personal 'No More Rain' and Madonna's favourite track on this album 'Speakerphone', both 8's. The first is getting a high mark mainly because of the lyrics and I wish Kylie would perform it acoustically sometime. While the latter is just a cool and slinky pop song and was a genius opener for the X2008 tour. Another personal track for Kylie is 'Stars' (6.5), lyrically it's touching and does get stuck in your head but the production has always lacked something for me?
    I'll end the positives with 'Nu-di-ty' (6), which is such an odd three minutes I think it took me about a dozen or so listens to even understand the thing and whether I loved/hated it. But over the years I've grown to appreciate it, in all it's trashiness.

    Actually before I move onto the complete duffers I'll mention 'Cosmic' here because it was one of the most disappointing album tracks for me, The Kylie Show version with the orchestra was a thing of beauty but this album version in comparison is flat as fuck and bland. It deserves no more than a 5.

    So, here's the fun bit, the two duds on this album. 'All I See' (4) and 'Heart Beat Rock' (3). 'All I See' would've been fine had Kylie released it as a throwaway B-Side in 2002, but not as an album track/promo single in 2007! I'm being harsh really as it's mainly the production that shits on the song, the acoustic version is much better. 'Heart Beat Rock' however has next to no redeeming qualities, I get what Kylie and Calvin were aiming for here, but instead of Kylie sounding cute, she sounds annoyingly petulant and it's just crap. Even the tour version with it's cheer chant and trumpets couldn't save this turd. Bin it!

  6. 'The One', 'Like A Drug' and 'Sensitized' is my trinity from the album too so taste!
  7. Heart Beat Rock a dud? I don’t think so.
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  8. Heart Beat Rock was Calvin Harris??
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  9. X is the first Kylie album I heard parts of it and Wow is the first Kylie song I heard so it has sentimental value but it’s still a banger so is In My Arms and I was obsessed with their music videos.

    No More Rain is gorgeous and I grew to love it recently, I cannot wait to start rating the Parlophone era (I’m still in the Deconstruction era and yes I do rating in chronological order).
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  10. I love almost every single thing about X but Heartbeat Rock is by far the biggest dud. I love the two despised by fans moments All I See and Cosmic, admittedly. The real gems are the immaculate Like A Drug, Speakerphone, 2 Hearts and The One but I have so much love for In My Arms, Sensitized and Nu-Di-Ty.
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  11. "Like a Drug" gets my 12 (but it will just have to contend with "Closer" for my Parlophone era's 11).
    Really love "In My Arms" too (easily a 10 for me). Too bad we're not rating "The Other Boys".
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  12. X is all over the place in both good and bad ways, but Sensitized remains my favorite song. It's in her top tier, and I'll die on that hill. I don't ever want to seek out the original x
  13. Loving all this love for Sensitized. It’s definitely one of my favourites from X too.
  14. My Secret Shart remains actively hateful.

    I had to cleanse myself of that garbage by listening to this flaw-free anthem:
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  15. ONE MONTH left to vote.

    I forgot to mention yesterday.
  16. 2 Hearts, as a song it's own, is not that bad. Just in no way does it scream lead single-both then and now.
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  17. It’s a definite misfire even though it’s a bop. It even sounds out of date on an album as sonically varied as X!
  18. This really is the best gif of all time. I always watch it loop ten times in a row.
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  19. If we were rating Where Is The Feeling (BIR Soundtrack) that would be a dead cert for my DeCon 11. It’s spectacular.
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  20. I'm listening to/rating the discography oddity Let's Get To It at the moment and even tho it's such Color Me Badd rip off, I genuinely love the title track. It's such a laidback groove.
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