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Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 1 The Albums+ (RESULTS! 2nd place & WINNER!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Mar 16, 2020.


What is your favourite Kylie era?

  1. PWL Years: 1989-1993

    21 vote(s)
  2. Deconstruction: 1994-1999

    25 vote(s)
  3. Parlophone+: 2000-

    92 vote(s)
  1. I Was Gonna Cancel is dire. The verses are ok, the chorus lets it down and that repetitive Go Go Go bit makes it even worse. It sounds so devoid of any oomph in her vocals which also brings the whole thing down. Probably a reflection of how she was feeling that day. The less said about the video the better. 3 from me, mainly pity points.
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  2. aux


    Meh. I Was Gonna Cancel can rot, but I can't at some of you acting like this is below some of the stuff from the PWL era.
  3. Oh it is below every song from the PWL era and that’s the tea
  4. I Was Gonna Cancel hadn't done too badly I think. And it's not too bad a bop either, when you take away all the various disasters that surrounded it, the low chart peak, Logies, THAT video.
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  5. Y'all would probably dislike "I Was Gonna Cancel" less if its single campaign wasn't a mess and it hadn't flopped spectacularly.
  6. Probably. It would just be a forgettable album track like... Sensitized
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  7. Kiss Me Once does have some very strong tracks going for it. The title track, If Only, Feels So Good and Into The Blue especially.
  8. PWL stans stan everything from that era, tbh.
    "Sensitized" is a cute little bop ruined by incessant "woo"-ing.
    I genuinely forget that I actually quite liked the songs from the Kiss Me Once era until I list them. It wasn't a great album or album campaign, but it is quite a solid collection of songs.
  9. Actually I take back what I said. I was gonna cancel is better than Glad To Be Alive. But then wasn’t that even pre- PWL?
  10. Sensitized is one of my favourites on X ddd
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  11. Sorry to open up the Sensitized debate early. Though I’m sure it won’t be long now... (breathe)
  12. ... imagine writing this!
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  13. I knew this was coming, I thought it may have been sooner ddd.
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  14. Some of Enjoy Yourself's album tracks and "Love At First Sight" (1988) are pretty dire, but maybe that's just me.
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  15. aux


    I know some of you have the stan goggles placed tight and an immense cloud of nostalgia surrounding these songs, which is why tens are being flung to the most basic songs imaginable.

    The PWL era is the most asinine era in her career. The large majority of songs sounds pretty much the same, cut from the same cloth with tired production and same lyrical subject matter. The only moments worth highlighting in the PWL era are those moments when they went above and beyond in switching her sound to something interesting, like Finer Feelings for example.

    Pharrell's style of production is an acquired taste, so I understand why some of you may hate I Was Gonna Cancel. I don't particularly hate it or love it. But (!) at least I Was Gonna Cancel has some flavour and it's something different in her discography, most of the PWL era can't say that.
  16. This is the beauty of these rates. Everyone has different opinions and likes different things which is what makes the results more exciting.

    It’s nothing to do with having goggles on. What some find basic, some find amazing. My scores are just as varied for the pwl years as the other eras.
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  17. Imagine!
  18. What the heck?
    Okay, I know "I Was Gonna Cancel" is very polarizing and was going to leave early, but not so early. And there are tons and tons of songs that should've left before it (mostly the PWL ones and the entirety of "Golden").
    I gave it a 9, and it's my joint highest score from "Kiss Me Once". Such a shame that one of her most interesting songs of that decade is so snubbed.
    Basically this:

    I mean, if "I Was Gonna Cancel" was released by Kelis or Gwen Stefani circa 2005, you would've been all over it and you know that.
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  19. I SCREAMED at the chart position in Croatia

    I kinda enjoy I Was Gonna Cancel, and I am sad to see it go so early. Both of the 90s self-titled albums deserve to experience their first loss.
  20. "Time Will Pass You By" can vacate soon, but Impossible Princess shouldn't lose anything until the Top 100.
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