Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 2 "B-Sides & Rarities" (RESULTS - WINNER!)

What is your favourite Kylie side project?

  • Kylie perfume

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • Kylie At Home: Bedding and Home Accessories

    Votes: 8 10.8%
  • Kylie Christmas

    Votes: 31 41.9%
  • Kylie wine

    Votes: 32 43.2%
  • LoveKylie: Intimates & Swimwear

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters
Solid first exits...although I don't think Chiggy Wiggy is that bad.

Monkey Man - 0 - burn it, I know this is for toddlers but still burn it.
The Magic Roundabout - 3 - well, it's not as HEINOUS as Monkey Man..

Her cover of Physical should evacuate next.
I quite like Chiggy Wiggy and scored it 7, I don’t hate Monkey Man and scored it 6. The Magic Roundabout is just one of those things that happened. I listened to it once. It serves its purpose and its existence for the purpose of the film is fine. I gave it a 4.

The fact that Physical is in over these songs is a travesty. Honestly the worst thing Kylie has EVER done.
Oh, I didn't expect "The Magic Roundabout" to leave so early, especially considering some of the collabs/covers are still in. The first song I can say ended up a bit underrated. I gave it a 6.5 since it's very cute and has a great chorus, despite being overly childish (then again, that's its purpose). There are plenty of worse songs than it.

"We Are One" should've left at this point, so hopefully it's the next elimination.


Glad To Be Alive 3.96

Highest Score: 6.5 x 3 @AllGagaLike, @Markus1981, @Maki
Lowest Score: 0 x 2 @WhatKindOfKylie?, @letuinmybackdoor

Not gonna lie, I gasped after seeing I was mentioned. But only to turn out it's:
This has to be the record for the lowest high score in rates, right? Hilarious and impressive at the same time.

Anyways, even though the lyrics are bad and the production is very bare-bones, there's something averagely pleasant about "Glad to Be Alive" and I don't mind the tune at all. At least Kylie's not shouting like on some of the other PWL B-sides. It's moderately catchy, actually, and there are definitely weaker songs still waiting to be booted. Then again, it's my third lowest score from the PWL years and not necessarily a loss.

Here's my comment on "Glad to Be Alive", since I forgot that I wrote it:
~ Don't really get why this one got so much hate in the PWL rate. It's cute. Very disposable and demo-ish, but cute.
Glad To Be Alive - 5.5. One or two lyrics are cringey and the production sounds a bit cheap. However the melody is actually good and with a bit more polish it could get higher points. I really like the guitar solo and the synths before it.
I gave the Magic Roundabout an 8? Haha, I must've been drunk. I think it's good for a kids song though, as is Lazy.

Glad to be Alive is indeed one of her worst songs, but it's also the incredibly studid baby sister that you just can't help but like a little (not talking about Dannii).
"We Are One" is in my bottom 3 songs of this rate, so it's good to see it leave so early. Kylie's parts are cute, but Verbal's incredibly bland and 'transparent' voice ruins it. The rap parts are so monotonous and boring to listen to, so that it actually makes the chorus more memorable. The said chorus basic as hell and gets rather annoying, and the outro may be my favourite part, so I ended up giving this song a 5.
A throwaway charity single.