Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 2 "B-Sides & Rarities" (RESULTS - WINNER!)

What is your favourite Kylie side project?

  • Kylie perfume

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  • Kylie At Home: Bedding and Home Accessories

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  • Kylie Christmas

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  • Kylie wine

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  • LoveKylie: Intimates & Swimwear

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The Real Thing 5.17

Highest Score: 9 x 1 @Andsov
Lowest Score: 1 x 3 @WhatKindOfKylie?, @letuinmybackdoor, @Hurricane Drunk


You Make Me Feel - 3.5. This doesn't go anywhere I like and by the end I'm bored. The chorus is by far the best part, the rest I can leave. The 'owl sounds' at 2.42 come out of nowhere.

The Real Thing - 4.5. I like the chorus, and the backing track is quite nice, but the lyrics are too repetitive and there's definitely too much 'Oo mama mow-mow.'
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - 7.5. I love the original and don't like this as much. But it's still a good version and you can tell she absolutely loves the song. I was scoring the Jools Holland version, The Ben Elton Show version is even better, and would get a higher score.

However my favourite performance is from the Intimate and Live Tour in Sydney in 1998.

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Oh, wow. My tens are just dropping like flies, aren't they? Although "Through The Years" is the superior jazz influenced track from Impossible Princess, I still enjoy "Stay This Way." Far more than either of the tracks with the Manic Street Preachers.

Both "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" and "The Real Thing" are decent—I particularly appreciate her vocal on the latter—but I'm not too fussed with either leaving at this point.
Don't love anything that's been eliminated yet, so that's good.

Although I do have a small softspot for Chiggy Wiggy.
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I think this one will be appreciated...

SCREAM! Only by me it would seem. Can't believe this has lasted this long. I know I'm doing too much but this version offends me. Her delivery has completely missed the mark and ventured into creepy. Like nails down a chalkboard. I'd rather listen to only AAAAAAAAAAAA for a full year if it meant deleting this song from existence.
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Kylie's cover of "Physical" is fine. It's just there in her discography for me. It's not something that I revisit often or ever really. I definitely remembered it enjoying it a lot more back in the day.

In terms of Minogues covering Olivia Newton-John, Dannii's "Xanadu" is the winner.