Kylie: The Complete Discography Rate - Part. 2 "B-Sides & Rarities" (RESULTS - WINNER!)

What is your favourite Kylie side project?

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G-House Project 5.6

Highest Score:
10 x 1
Lowest Score: 1 x 1 @Adora Day

Physical - 4. Kylie was trying to be 'sexy' for this, but it just ends up being boring. Slowing down the song does not work in its favour.

G-House Project - 6.5. This harkens back to her house tracks in the early 90's but with a 00's twist. It has great rhythm and drums.
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I've got some catching up to do:

Yeah, "All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine" is definitely the song I had in mind after seeing we're losing an
older one. Perhaps the 6 I gave it was a bit too harsh. I actually really like the melody, even though the song gets annoying. However, it's my second lowest score out of the PWL B-sides, so it's in the right spot from that point of view (though "Glad to Be Alive" isn't my least favourite B-side from that era). And there's an extended version? As if the regular version isn't repetitive enough. I'm not pressing play on that...

"Lhuna" leaving so early is a travesty. It's in my top 5 of this rate. A 9.5, which is one of my highest scores of the rate. So dark and gloomy, with gorgeous melody, especially during the stunning verses, and Kylie's vocals are divine.
I knew it would be done so wrong here, especially since Coldplay is involved, but this really is not fair.

You Make Me Feel - 5.5
~ A hybrid of "Someday" and "I Feel for You" (i.e. the two weakest songs from "Body Language") definitely isn't going to sound good. That overly nasally tone and odd melody is off-putting yet amusing at the same time. It actually manages to weird me out, so I gave it an extra half point for that.
Easily the worst "Body Language" B-side and I'm glad we agreed on that.
The 'owl sounds' at 2.42 come out of nowhere.
Haha, these sounds reminded me of a printer, actually.

"Should I Stay Or Should I Go?" is a nice and interesting oddity, but I gave it a 7 because some parts are weaker than the others. Kylie's delivery is great.

It was about time "Real Thing" left. My score for it is a 5 and my commentary is:
~ I don't really like this song to begin with and Kylie's version is average at best. I like some of the production flourishes, though.
Also, it was released in 2000, so I guess it counts as the last of Kylie's Parlophone era recordings, right?

"Stay This Way" is lovely and it received a strong 8 from me. I absolutely understand the criticism that it's forgettable and slightly boring, but it puts me in the right mood and I'm enchanted by Kylie's gorgeous and delicate vocal delivery. Probably the jazziest song she's released, and she did it so nicely, with a touch of melancholy. The weakest "Impossible Princess" rarity it is not.

Harmony - 6
Since we gave it the same score and share the same thoughts, let me just quote this:
This is pleasant and quite sweet, but bland
"Never Spoken" is the worst "Fever" B-side, though.

Her cover of "Physical" offers a different twist. It's overly sensualized, so it slightly misses the mark, but looks like I still enjoyed it enough to give it a 7.

G-House Project - 7.5
~ It gets a while to get going, but it's a pretty good and slightly interesting song. Sounds a lot like they remixed an unused track from "Fever" sessions.
This could've went a bit further, since there are much worse songs left, but I'm not too bothered by its elimination. Reasonably didn't last long, too.
Also, if I had to choose a Parlophone era B-side to leave first, it would be either "Never Spoken" or "You Make Me Feel". Definitely not "Good Life".

By the way, "Never Spoken" is my lowest remaining score, so it better leave today.
I am obsessed with Boombox (just the remix though). Unfortunately, my favourite part is the one where Kylies doesn't sing. The Real Thing (9) is also a big loss for me.

Now it's time for the dreadful Rapino Brothers tracks to go.
he / him
The DJ Rokk & Pixel 82 remix of "Boombox" is my preferred iteration of the song, but the LA Riots mix is quite good as well—I gave it an 8.5. I also like how they mashed it up with the Greg Kurstin mix of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" during KYLIEX2008.

I'm not too fond of the original though—the version that Paula Abdul decided to record and release as a single. It definitely would've fit on Body Language better than either of the remixes, which makes sense because it was a Body Language demo, but it's not a great demo, imo.